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Water Level Sensor

Water Level Sensor & Monitoring

For automatic filling of water tank we must know the water level of the tank. The water level of the tank can be measured using water level sensors. Water level can be checked by water level switch or water level sensor. The water level switch is a float fitted sensor moving on a vertical steel rod. This rod is immersed in the water till the bottom level of the tank. This water level sensor better to say water level switch send water level signals at fixed levels say empty, quarter, half and full water level. This type of water level sensor/water level switch is used where just pump motor is to be switched on or off depending upon the level of water in the tank. This type of water level sensor or water level switch is generally used for small water tanks installed at domestic, office and commercial sites.

When we have to measure the water level also so we use special water level sensors which measures the water level of tank reservoir up to one milli-meter (mm). These types of water level sensors are used at underground water reservoirs, over head tanks which are supplying water to towns and cities. So it is important to know the level of water in the tank at any time of the day. These water level sensors may be ultrasonic, capacitance type, electronic type. The output of the water level sensors may be 0 - 5 or 4 - 20 mA. This out put is sent to a data logger for actual display of water level in the tank. The water level is displayed on the LCD of the data logger. If you want to monitor this water level from a central control room then you can use Softbitonline wireless GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers RTUs. Conact...

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Saturday ,04 February,2017 (Four, February Two Thousand Seventeen. Indian Standard Time 10:45 Am. Day Time Zone II. RF/GSM/GPRS based data loggers and RTUs for wireless monitoring and control.Data loggers are the core component of RNRG’s complete system approach to wind and solar measurement applications. RF/GSM/GPRS based data loggers and RTUs for wireless monitoring and control.

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