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Water Flow Sensor

Water Flow Sensor/Meter - Automation

Water flow sensors/meters are installed to measure the flow of water through pipe line. Water flow sensor also helps in calculating the total quantity of water flown. The water flow sensor can give output in analog or digital form. The analog output of water level sensor is either 0-5 volts or 4-20 mA. This signal from water level sensor/meter is forwarded to a display module for showing actual value of water flown as measured by water flow sensor/meter. There are different types of water flow meters/ sensors depending upon the construction of the water flow meter/sensor. Monitoring of water quantity as measured by water flow meter/sensor can be displayed locally on the LCD. If the value is to be displayed at a remote location then we need a wireless GSM/GPRS system. The water flow sensor/meter signals are fed to a wireless RTU. This RTU is GSM/GPRS enabled to transmit water flow sensor/meter data to a remote server for storage. At the server end we can generate daily reports of water flow sensor/meter data to see actual consumption of water. The data received through water flow sensor/meter helps in calculating the total cost of water usage. You can install Softbitonline data loggers RTUs for the remote monitoring of water flow sensors/meters. For domestic applications the water flow sensors/meters are installed at each house. For commercial and application one main water flow sensor/meter is installed at the input point and small water level sensors/meters are installed for sub line. Contact...

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Saturday ,04 February,2017 (Four, February Two Thousand Seventeen. Indian Standard Time 10:45 Am. Day Time Zone II. RF/GSM/GPRS based data loggers and RTUs for wireless monitoring and control.Data loggers are the core component of RNRG’s complete system approach to wind and solar measurement applications. RF/GSM/GPRS based data loggers and RTUs for wireless monitoring and control.

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