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Model SB-Smart is a GSM/GPRS/SMS/PLC enabled wireless data logger RTU for HT/LT HV/LV power transformer & sub station automation, operation, condition monitoring. We get all the electrical parameters of transformer in the central control room on SCADA platform. Under sub station automation, along with energy parameters we can monitor status of various instruments installed with the transformer in the sub station. SMS alerts can be set for Hi/Low values of various energy parameters, winding temperature, oil temperature, oil leakage by installing their corresponding sensors along with the data logger RTU.

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For large capacity power transformers, the wireless communication data logger RTU gets digital signals from the buchholz relay. A buchholz relay operates in case there is slight over loading, slow oil leaks and arcing due to rapid gas accumulation inside the tank. As soon as the Wireless RTU gets a digital signal from buchholz relay, it sends an SMS alert at 5 pre-defined mobile numbers incating the fault type. This helps the concerned engineers and maintenance staff to know the type of fault before going to site for inspection/repair. They can pre-plan the tools & tackles before going to site. This helps in minimizing the downtime and restoration the power transformer sub station after taking the suitable measures.

In case a power transformer is not fitted with the buchholz relay, then oil level leakage can be monitored by installing Oil Level Sensor (Switch). This is a float type mechanism that can be put inside the conservator from the top conservator lid.

Whenever the oil goes down a pre-set level, the switch send a signal to the wireless RTU which in turn alerts the concerned engineers and maintenance staff through SMS alert.

So through wireless communication, sub station automation complete monitroing and operation of an HT/LT HV/LV transformer can be done from a centralized control room. A number of sub station transformers installed at different locations can be monitored and controlled through wireless SCADA application under Wireless Sub Station Automation.

Web based SCADA Software: We provide free web based SCADA software for monitoring & control. User can access data by entering login details. The unit can be configured remotely from the control room through web based SCADA software installed on a internet connected PC or Laptop. The data can be displayed in tabular form or in graphic mode.

Set Alert: The RTU sends SMS alerts at 5 pre defined mobile numbers in case of any trouble repored by the buchholz relay or sensors.

GPRS SIM Card: The unit has a built-in modem which uses a GPRS enabled SIM card for data transmission. Live data can be monitored on your control room PC/Laptop. You can also get the data on your mobile phone by sending a request SMS to the wireless RTU.

Technical Specifications (Model: SB-Smart):

Supply Voltage:                         90 V AC to 270 VAC through 12 V DC ------------------------------------------SMPS @ 2A
Power Consumption:                 Less than 200mA while transmitting -------------------------------------------data

Analogue (A/I):                         4 nos. 0 – 5 V or 4 – 20mA
Digital (D/I):                              4 nos.  Pulse/Frequency
Auxiliary Relay (D/O):                4 nos. x @ 5 A each
Timer: -------------------------------Built-In

Energy Monitoring:                    Hz, Voltage, Current, PF, KW, KWH, --------------------------------------------KVA KVAH

LCD Display:                             128 x 64 pixel resolution, mono-chrome -------------------------------------- -graphic
Enclosure:                                 Metallic (for indoor installations)
Enclosure:                                 ABS Plastic – Optional (for outdoor ---------------------------------------------installation)

Dimensions:                              230mm (L) x 100mm (H) x 130mm (W)

GSM Modem:                            Quad Band
Antenna:                                  High Gain 6db

Storage:                                    -25 OC to + 75 OC
Operational Temperature:        75 oC


Sub station automation is required to make the sub station work as per the logics. The logics are stored in a logical controller which is installed at the sub station. The sub station auotomation helps in identifying the status of various equipments installed at the sub station. The sub station automation helps in monitoring the sub station from a central control room. The sub station automation can be done for local level and for remote monitoring & control. The sub station automation which is to be monitored from a remote central control room employs wireless data loggers & RTUs for wireless sub station automation. The wireless GSM GPRS sub station automation helps in remote status monitoring of ht transformers, OCB, VCB, erath fault relay, over current relay, battery charger etc.,. All the equipments installled at a sub station can be monitored remote from a central control room with the help of Softbitonline wireless GSM GPRS data loggers and RTUs. Web based online condition monitoring of HT power transformers.

Wireless sub station monitors and stores the data of all the electrical parameters for report generation. The GSM wireless sub station automation also helps in automatic tripping of HT transformer in case of a fault. Sub station automation is becoming a necessity now a days. We are installing more and more electrical sub stations to provide smooth flow of electricity to the consumers. So its necessary to have live monitoring of sub stations round the clock. This requires wireless sub station automation. Sub station automation helps in live monitoring of energy data and status of various equipments installed at the sub station. Sub station automation helps in maintaining the data records for analysis and improvements. Sub station automation helps in automatic tripping of transformers. Sub station automation helps in automatic energization of transformers when the power is resumed. Sub station automation helps in monitoring the status of buchlotz relay in case of a problem at the sub station. Sub station automation helps in running the sub station in full automatic mode. Sub station automation can easily be done by installing gsm/gprs wireless data loggers RTUs designed by Softbitonline. Web based online condition monitoring of HT power transformers.


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