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HT Transformer Repair/Servicing
Retrofit Services
AVR Repair/Servicing
OLTC Repair/Servicing
RTCC Panel Supply/Servicing

Cortesey: reinhausen.com. For about 80 years now Reinhausen have been manufacturing on-load tap-changers in England
OLTC Repair/Servicing/Retrofit: We are well equipped to undertake repairing servicing of any make of OLTCs. Contact us for any mechanical/electrical problem of the OLTC and our expert team will help you in solving your problem. We can supply and fabricate spares of OLTCs of any make. Repairing/rewinding of tap changer motor is also done.

In case the OLTC of your HT transformer is out dated and old enough then we can retrofit a new latest OLTC with your existing HT transformer.
AVR Repair/Retrofit: We can repair AVRs of any make at component level. We have well equipped lab and expert engineers to repair the OLTC AVR of any HT transformer. Retrofitting of AVR is also done.
RTCC Panel Repair: Our qualified and experienced engineer can set right your RTCC panels at any level. Be it a modification, replacement of OLTC AVR, repairing of wiring, supply, installation and commissioning of new RTCC panels. We can also upgrade your exisiting RTCC panel into a remote monitoring panel to protect your HT transformers from overloading, heating etc.,.
Change Off Load Tap Changer Into OLTC: In case you have an HT transformer with Off Load tap changer then we can replace this with OLTC i.e., On Load Tap Changer so that the voltage variations are met automatically without switching off the load. Thus your production is not suffered. We take the complete project from supply of new OLTC, fixing of OLTC with old transformer (conditions apply), fabrication of new RTCC panel, site installation and commissioning of OLTC, RTCC panel, AVR and finally the load trial. You can keep the same number of tappings and if you wish we can increase the number of tappings also for better performance.

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We are New Delhi based company with well equipped repair center and qualified engineers.


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