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Free Online HT/LT Transformer Design/CT Design/Auxilliary Transformer Design Online Transformer Design
Now use our free online transformer design data calculator and get the design parameters instantly. You can design any type of transformer now - be it HT transformer, LT transformer, dry type transformer, oil type transformer, step down transformer, step up transformer, furnance transformer, isolation transformer, control transformer, auxilliary transformer, current transformer, CT, servo transformer design, copper (Cu) winding transformer, aluminium (Al) winding transformer, high voltage transformer, special purpose transformer welding transformer. You get winding data, estimation, temperature rise in transfprmer windings, oil temperature rise, axial forces, radial forces, tank design data, oil quantity calculation, GTP, winding data sheets. So you get every thing online instantly.

Transformer Design Online

Buy HT Transformer Design Software Packages -

A must design tool for:

a) - Transformer Design Consultants
b) - Transformer Manufacturers
c) - Transformer Procurement Departments
d) - Transformer Re-builders & Transformer Repairers
e) - Engineering Students/Institutes

f) - One Year Free Updation Support

Important - Read Carefully:

Refunds are not possible in any case please. Of course we assure to solve your genuine problems free of cost if reported within 30 days of purchase.

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