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Solar Water ATM Solar Water ATM Solar Water ATM

Solar Water ATM Machines
For Safe & Pure Drinking Water
ATM Machines for Irrigation Water


Water is a natural and essential element for all living on the earth. Water can be obtained from sea, rivers, wells and ponds. But it can not be drinkable as it might be contaminated depanding upon the location from where it is obtained. So cleaning and filteration is must before we consume the raw water (not is every case). In cities and towns municipalities are cleaning and filtering the raw water before it is sent for human consumption. For this water filteration plants are installed to process the raw water. So in cities and towns we get filtered water suitable for drinking.

To run these water filteration plants we need raw water, machinery & equipments and power to run these plants. Water is brought through canals and pipes, machinery & equipments can be arranged/manufactured as required, power is available from power houses/grids. In certain cases water is pumped out from underground natural reservoirs also. So we get clean filtered drinking water easily in cities and towns.

Let us now think of remote areas, villages far far away from main towns and cities, people living at the last mile of the states where there is no grid power, no machinery and equipment to clean & filter the water and on top even no water. People dont't have the resources to get water from the underground natural reserviors. Govt. agencies not well funded to install the palnts. It may also be said like setting up infrastruectre to generate power, filteration plants would cost to high for smaller number of inhabitants.

So Govt. agencies used solar operated water pumps to get water from the under ground natural reserviors and setting up small water filteration plants at every small population hub. The water so produced can be used for drinking, agriculture, fishery and other applications. A very nominal amount has to be paid for buying this water.

So for collecting the money and selling the water we have developed a very advanced systems called Water ATM. One can get the water from this Solar Water ATM just by swiping a smart RF card. Water quantity selection is available on the Water ATM machine. It will dispence the water as per selected quantity and will stop. The amount equivalent to the quantity of water delivered would be deducted from the card and updated at the central server. The smart RF card can be recharged or money can be loaded in the smart RF card from authorized outlets or from the Water ATM machine itself. This Water ATM is also called a Solar Water ATM.

Softbit Solar Water ATM

We manufacture solar water ATM machines. These solar water ATMs are used to supply water with the swap of smart card/ RF Card. Buyer can select the quantity of water. Once the car is swaped and water is delivered the client. The Solar Water ATM machine can be used to sell filtered water for drinking purpose and to farmers for irrigation. The Solar Water ATM can be connected to any solar opearted source to sell water.

Sailent Features of Softbit Solar Water ATM

  1. Solar Water ATM can be connected with any source of water fitted with delivery motor or flow valve
  2. The Solar Water ATM is operated through a Smart RF Card
  3. Client data (money) is maintained on remote central server
  4. This Solar Water ATM works on GPRS enabled communication system
  5. Welcome message for client on the LCD screen of Solar Water ATM
  6. Water quantity selection option for client on front panel
  7. Totally Safe Solar Water ATM - With built-in battery back to power anti-sabotage circuits
  8. The Solar Water ATM works with state of the art RF based smart cards with embedded CHIP for card protection
  9. 4 digit PIN protection (optional)
  10. Dispalys water quantity being dispenced along with amount charged. Instant & automatic account updation on remote servers.

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