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Electrical Machine Design Software
We Undertake Software Development For Any Type of Electrical Machine Design

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HT Transformer Design: Design HT/LT distribution transformer, power transformer, furnace transformer with our web based online design tool. You can design oil/dry single/three phase HV/LV transformers. Just a few inputs and you get a detailed design of transformer. The design tool instantly gives you GTP, core lamination chart, turn ratio error, winding & oil temperature rise, short circuit force calculations, hv winding data, lv winding data, radiator details, tank design & dimensions & weight, oil quantity & weight. Automatically matches the calculated %impedance & load losses with GTP values. You can change all the clearances, gaps, insulation, flux density values as per your design requirements. This online transformer design software tool is very much useful for ht transformer designers, consultants, engineering college students. Signup to start using...

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AC Electric Motor Design: With this online design tool you can design 3 phase, squirrel cage ac electric induction motors upto 50 hp. You can design ac electric motor for every application. The online tool allows you to design your ac electric motors from any location as it is web based. Just login into your password protected account and start designing your ac electric motors. Enter the basic inputs of the ac electric motor like capacity, voltage, rpm, power factor & efficiency required and let the design tool do the rest for you. Within seconds you get your final results on the screen. Not satisfied, change the input parameters like specific electric loading, specific magnetic loading, number of slots, current density and other values to get a modified design of your ac electric motor. Change the dimensions of the stator to suit your application. So you can design any ac electric motors with this online machine design tool. Signup to start using...

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Electrical Control Panel Design & Estimator: Make an estimate of your electrical control panel within minutes. Design your electrical control power panel online. Select switchgear & accessories from online data base. Best software tool for electrical panel builders to design electrical distribution pane boards, generate GA drawing, SLD, estimation & costing, bus bar chart, MS sheet data automatically. You just select the required items from the online data base, add them in the design file and you have done it. Modify your electrical panel design anytime to delete or add items. Relocate the switchgears & accessories for best utilization of space. While designing an electrical control/distribution/power panel with the online web based tool you have the option to select the switchgears & accessories from the public data base or your private data base. Maintain your private online data base yourself. Design your electrical control power & distribution panels anywhere in the world. Signup to start using...

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Current Transformer (CT) Design Tool: Current Transformer or CT are of two types viz., - measurement & protection. The web based online line design software tool helps you to design LT CTs with complete core details and winding details. While designing a CT (current transformer) you need to know the VA rating called burden, system voltage and accuracy class of CT. Various clearances, inside diameter, axial height of the CT can be adjusted to achieve the desired results. You can design a CT with single wire or parallel wires. The CT design tool gives you the detailed dimensions and winding details of the CT. Once the CT design process is complete you can export the values in MS word. For designing HT CTs with this tool you must take care of clearances depending upon the system voltage you are designing a CT for. Though default values are there to give you an idea about clearances of HV CTs. Signup to start using...
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DG sets are used for essential services like in hospitals, hotels, mobile phone towers. Whenever there is no grid supply DG sets get switched on automatically and work till the grid supply is not restored. So it is necessary to maintain the DG sets in good running conditions so as to provide us an essential back up supply whenever needed. We also need to monitor and record the working performance of the DG while its working on load. So RTU with remote monitoring facility are installed with the DG sets. Data from the DG sets like electrical parameters, temperature, oil pressure etc., is transmitted through GPRS communication to a central server.  This data is then monitored live and saved on the server for analysis. Any deviation in the parameters from healthy value is taken into account and remedial action taken. This way we can keep a regular watch on the DG sets. . Wednesday, 24 April  2019 (April 24, Two Thousand Nineteen) Indian Standard Time 13:07 PM, Phase-IV.

We have been in the fore-front in the software development work for electrical machine and mechanical machine design. Our software packages are being used in industries to design HT transformers, CTs, electrical control panels. Engineering colleges are using our variour electrical machine design software packages to give training to students.












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