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SMS GSM GPRS Wireless data Logger RTU for remote monitoring & control of machines in real time online
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GSM/GPRS Wireless Data Logger - Softbitonline
GSM GPRS Wireless Real Time Web Based Monitoring - Download Catalogue
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Wireless Automation Projects
GSM/GPRS Wireless PLCs & RTUs

For Pump House Automation, Cold Storgae Projects, Street Light Automation, Air Handling Units, Energy Management and for many more application

(For Live Real Time Data Logging, Monitoring & Control)

Softbit Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi presents revolutionary product – GPRS/GSM/SMS enabled Wireless PLCs/RTUs, indigenously developed, first time in India for remote monitoring, control and automation of water pump house. Live monitoring & control of pump house can be done through SCADA (web based facility also available). Ready to use pre-programed PLCs with builtin RTUs.

2 or 4 Pump Motors can be controlled with one data logger/RTU

Various GSM/GPRS Wireless PLC/Data Logger Models:

SS-Sensor (2ch) - 2 Channel Without LCD
SS-Sensor (4ch) - 4 Channel With LCD
SB-Smart - 4 Channel & Energy With LCD
SB-Smart - 2 Channel & Energy With LCD
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Note: * Sensors are not part of PLC/data loggers/RTUs

We Accept Online Payments As Well Off Line Payments

Applications: One of the applications where this model can be used is, for remote monitoring, control and automation of water pump house, clear water plants, sewage treatment plants where web/SCADA based online real time water quality, water flow, pressure, level, temperature & humidity is to be monitored. Depending upon the model & requirement the data logger/RTU can also monitor the electrical parameters of a system or pump house for remote intelligent energy/power management. Different sensors can be connected with the data loggers/RTUs to acquire data from the pump house.

Web Based Monitoring: Monitoring & control can be done from any Explorer (IE, Google Chrome). Daily Reports can be generated of past one year data You can monitor all your data loggers/RTUs/machines from a single window. You need not to open a separate window for each data logger. Data is refreshed automatically after every 1 – 15 minutes duration as per the settings. Data can be viewed in tabular form and in graphical form. Your account is protected by a username and password. SCADA application can also be downloaded from the download link on the left side meny bar. It is free with every RTU.

Remote Control Operation: User can send commands from the web browser or SCADA application to the remote pump house to switch on/off montors. Switching can also be done from the mobile phone. You get a response SMS for every action.

Scheduled Operations:
The pump house automation can also be done by setting the pump operation timings. The water pump can be switched on and off automatically as per the preset scheduled time. Time schedule can be set as required from the control room SCADA itself i.e. no need to go to the remote pump house.

Remote Configuration: The data logger installed at a remote location can be configured from the control room SCADA for all settings & alerts. User can set the span, can do the calibration, specify a name for different sensors, configure the CT ratio, set errors readings. If having more than one data loggers in his/her account then each data logger can be named depending upon the location or application. Each data logger/RTU has a unique.ID.

GPRS SIM Card: The SIM card must be GPRS enabled (VTS plan) and SMS service should be got enabled for alert text messages (SMS). Live data can be monitored on your smart mobile phone.

SMS Alert: You can configure the unit to get Hi/Low SMS alerts. Phone book can store 5 mobile numbers to whom the alerts are to be shoot off. You can also send a request from your mobile phone to get the latest value of various parameters on your mobile.

Data Storage: The data is stored on Softbit remote server for analysis & report generation (Optional feature). A 4GB pen drive can also be used for local level data storage.

GPS: Unit also has provision (optional) to connect a GPS module in case you want to monitor the location of the pump house in real time. If provided, it can also work as GPS clock for real time date and time in case the RTU gets disconnected from the server. This date & time is used for putting a time stamp along with stored data on the USB.

General Specifications (Model: SB-Smart):

Supply Voltage:                         90 V AC to 270 VAC through 12 V DC ------------------------------------------SMPS @ 2A
Power Consumption:                 Less than 200mA while transmitting -------------------------------------------data

Analogue (A/I):                         4 nos. 0 – 5 V or 4 – 20mA
Digital (D/I):                              4 nos.  Pulse/Frequency
Auxiliary Relay (D/O):                4 nos. x @ 5 A each
Timer: -------------------------------Built-In

Energy Monitoring:                    Hz, Voltage, Current, PF, KW, KWH, --------------------------------------------KVA KVAH

LCD Display:                             128 x 64 pixel resolution, mono-chrome ----------------------------------------graphic
Enclosure:                                 Metallic (for indoor installations)
Enclosure:                                 ABS Plastic – Optional (for outdoor ---------------------------------------------installation)

Dimensions:                              230mm (L) x 100mm (H) x 130mm (W)

GSM Modem:                            Quad Band
Antenna:                                  High Gain 6db

Storage:                                    -25 OC to + 75 OC
Operational Temperature:        75 oC

Various Models

Web Based Real Time Data Monitoring Devices

Various Displays

softbitonline remote data monitoring by SMS GSM GPRS technology
Graphical Data View

Wireless SCADA Data Transmission - SMS/GSM/GPRS technology
Tabular Data View

Wireless SCADA For Live Data Transmission in Real Time - GSM/GPRS technology
Central Monitoring & Control

Various Applications

SMS GPRS GSM Wireless Water Pump House Automation - Remote Control Management
Pump House Automation

Industrial Automation Using SMS GSM GPRS Wireless Technology
Furnace Monitoring

Remote Process Contorl With SMS Alerts
Plant & Process r Monitoring

Street Light Automation With Power Management
Street Light Automation

Control Room Automation - WIreless SCADA
LT/HT Switch Room Monitoring


Softbitonline Quick Reference:
Management of the vehicular parking is necessary in all the cities around the world. Proper parking management is a major problem. Earlier, only manual sliding or swing doors were used that were cheap and required low maintenance. However, in modern parking systems utilization of automatic gates is done. The logical controllers and web SCADA applications can be used for automatic parking, operation and control of the parking area and gates. Automatic ticket dispensers can also be set up at the entry gates of the premises and in residential complexes, buildings or bungalows. Softbitonline offers logical controllers, GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs and web SCADA applications for wireless monitoring and operation of the automatic car parking systems. We design and manufacture GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs and logical controllers for making car parking systems automatic. Since these logical controllers and RTUs are wireless and GSM/GPRS based, the operator can monitor and control them from the central control room using a computer. The user can also monitor the area using their mobile phones that would receive data from the GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs attached to the field device. We also provide customised web SCADA software applications that are compatible with the logical controller or the hardware. Our web SCADA software for car parking, gates and security is completely web based and requires no installation. You can access it using a web browser. Therefore, monitoring and control can be done from any location. This GPRS/GSM based logical controller and web-based SCADA system cut the maintenance costs and increases the device’s uptime. Real-time data can be fetched using our internet based SCADA system. SMS alerts can be also set for 5 user selected registered mobile number. Our SCADA system is fully secured and can only be accessed by the registered user. The user has to login using his/her account name and password to access the data. Our wireless data loggers/RTUs have been installed in effluent treatment plants, pole mount sub stations, for remote energy management, water quality monitoring, pump house automation, energy saving systems, water flow monitoring, wireless energy monitoring, solar power and wind energy monitoring. Friday, 28 September 2018 (September 28, Two Thousand Eighteen) Indian Standard Time 04:30 PM.
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