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GPRS GSM SMS Wireless Temperature & humidity monitoring through our SS-Sensor model
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Wireless Data Logger RTU for temperature, pressure, level, flow monitoring & control by Softbitonline
Real Time Web Based Monitoring
Wireless Real Time Online Web Based Monitoring
Working of remote RTU and wireless data loggers
Online support for live data monitoring
Condition monitoring and control of transformers, electric motors, dg sets
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SCADA software - For Windows XP

SCADA software - For Windows 7
GSM/GPRS Wireless PLC - 2 Channel
Built in RTU & Modem
Free Programming Done
Pump House Automation, Cold Storgae Projects, Street Light Automation, Air Handling Units, Energy Management and for many more application

This GSM/GPRS wireless PLC/RTU is a DIN Rail mount model which can easily be fitted within a panel or enclosure. Its small size make it possible to fit within existing panels also for remort monitroing & control of various applications. The PLC/RTU uses telemetry communication.

SS-Sensor(2Ch) - 2 Channel without LCD
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  1. You can connect analogue sensors like temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, level with this GSM/GPRS wireless PLC/RTU for remote monitoring
  2. Digital inputs give you option to connect digital inputs – aux. contacts of breakers for status monitoring, water/fluid flow status (pulse/frequency), access monitoring through magnetic switches with aux. contacts, panic button, wire-break sensor, field equipment monitoring through its auxiliary contacts to know its working schedule and total usage hour. ,
  3. This is best suitable for applications where remote switching operations are required such as switching of remotely installed ACBs/OCBs/VCBs/MCCBs/Motor Starters or any other electrical system or machine. You need to send an SMS from your mobile phone to switch ON or switch OFF any machine. You get an instant switching confirmation on your mobile.
  4. You can also do the switching operation from your control room PC/Laptop. You need to sign-up for a web based account.  Password protected operation to prevent unauthorized use. Google chrome can be downloaded and installed to get the best results. 
  5. Check the status of remotely installed breakers/machines/processes on your mobile phone.
  6. Do automatic switching operation with built in timer. Best application for automatic street light operation, remote operation of electric pumps, monitoring/switching of DG sets/HT sub stations or any system requiring remote switching with return SMS confirmation.


GPRS SIM Card: The unit has a built-in modem which uses a GPRS enabled SIM card for data transmission. Live data can be monitored on your control room PC/Laptop. You can also get the data on your mobile phone by sending a request SMS to the wireless RTU.

Web based SCADA Software: We provide free web based SCADA software for monitoring & control. User can access his/her data by entering login details. The unit can be configured remotely from the control room through web based SCADA software installed on a internet connected PC or Laptop. The data can be displayed in tabular form or in graphic mode. User can select different pre-stored graphics to display a machine or process. In case you wish, data can be sent to your web site also.

Set Alert: You can configure the unit to get Hi/Low SMS alerts. Also you can activate a hooter or a buzzer through its auxiliary relay contacts to generate an audio alert.

Data Storage: The data is stored on server for analysis & reports generation (Optional feature). A 4GB pen drive can also be used for local level data storage.

General Specifications:

Supply Voltage:              12 VDC or AC SMPS 90 V AC to 270 VAC
Analogue:                       2 nos. 0 – 5 V or 4 – 20mA
Digital:                            2 nos.  Pulse/Frequency
Relays:                            2 auxiliary contacts @ 5A each

Dimensions (Approx.):  100mm (L) x 70mm (W) x 115mm (H)
Modem:                         Quad Band
Storage:                         -25 oC  to + 75 oC


Wireless remote temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, level monitoring of various processes and machines is a basic need of the industry. You can connect any sensor with 0 - 5 Volt or 4 - 20 mA output with our SS-Sensor model to monitor the physical parameters from a central control room. The RTU sends this data to server using a GSM/GPRS modem. Server receives the data sent by remote wireless RTUs/data loggers through socket formation. Many RTUs/data loggers can send data to central server simultaneously. Once the data is received and processed by the central server, now it is available for monitoring through our SCADA application from anywhere in the world (221013)

Various Models

Data Loggers for various industrial applications

Various Displays

softbitonline remote data monitoring and graphical representation by GSM GPRS technology
Graphical Data View

Live Wireless Data Transmission - GSM/GPRS technology
Tabular Data View

Real Time Wireless Data Transmission - GSM/GPRS technology
Central Monitoring

Various Applications

Web based monitoring & control of water treatment plants
Pump House Monitoring

Remote Plant Automation
Furnace Monitoring

Wireless Process Automation
Plant & Process r Monitoring

Road Light Automation
Street Light r Monitoring

LT Control & Power Panel Monitoring
LT/HT Switch Room Monitoring


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Tuesday, 19 May, 2015 (Ninteen May, Tue, Two Thousand Fifteen. Indian Standard Time 12:55 pm. Second Pre Pre Half. Remote temperature monitoring of cold storage with the help of GSM/GPRS data loggers and RTUs.
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