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SMS GPRS GSM Wireless Data Logger and RTU
GSM Data Loggers & RTUs
GPRS Data Loggers & RTUs
Wireless Data Loggers
GSM/GPRS Based Data Logger For Wireless Automation Applications:

Softbitonlin has a range of GSM/GPRS based data loggers for water flow, pressure, temperature, humidity monitoring in industries. Our GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers & RTUs are extensively being used in water pump house with flow meters to measure the water flow, total water consumption i.e., water totalizer, pump house automation applications. More...

GSM/GPRS data logger are used in many applications in variou industries. These help in keeping a continuous watch and control sensitive data. GSM/GPRS Data logger can have a built in modem to transmit data continuously to a central server. This central server stores the data for monitoring and report generation later on.

Various Applications Where GSM/GPRS Based Data Logger Can Be Used:

  • GPRS/GSM data logger for temperature monitoring of boilers, furnaces
  • GPRS/GSM data logger for weather stations to monitor humidity and air quality
  • GPRS/GSM data logger for water quality monitoring such as ph value, conductivity, BOD
  • GPRS/GSM data logger for remote monitoring and control of electric motors, generators, power transformers
  • GPRS/GSM data logger for pump house automation projects
  • GPRS/GSM data logger for street light automation projects
  • GPRS/GSM data logger for hydroelectric projects to monitor dam water level
  • GPRS/GSM data logger for solar power monitoring
  • GPRS/GSM data logger for wind power monitoring
  • GPRS/GSM data loggers and RTUs for real time data acquisition

We need machine and plant data for better performance, quality control and analysis. At local level we can install data loggers and machine parameters can be collected by putting various sensors with machines. Once installed, the data is regularly collected and stored in data loggers. The engineer-in-charge concerned will download this data for further action. But if we want to keep a continuous watch of machine from a central control room then instead of installing simple data logger we install RF/GSM/GPRS based wireless data loggters. These RF/GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers come well equipped with wireless data transmission system system. This wireless data transmission system is fitted with a RF module or GSM/GPRS module as per site requirements.

When we have to transmit data within a small area/factory where line of sight is clear between two points where data is being transmitted and received, we can go for installing RF based wireless data loggers/RTUs. So the sensor will pick up the data from the machine by making a physical contact with the machine, pass on the signals to the RF based wireless data logger through hardwire and in turn this RF based wireless data logger will transmit the data through radio frequency waves to receiving station installed within the same premises. At this receiving station the data can be viewed in a SCADA system installed on the a PC placed in the control station. So we can use a RF based wireless data logger/RTU for short distance data transmission, preferably with a factory spread in a small area.

Let us now consider a case where data is to be monitored from a remote central control room, a few hundred or say thousand kilometers away from the factory. We can think of a long range & high power RF based wireless data logger again. But this RF wireless data logger would be too costly and secondly, if there is any obstacle in between two transmitting and receiving points, then link would be broken and no data would be captured at the receiving end. So in case of RF based wireless data transmission the line of sight must be clear.

To over come above problems, we have a very economical solution. This system is a wireless data logger and is based upon GPRS/GSM mode of data communication or we can call it a GSM/GPRS wireless data logger/RTU. In a GSM/GPRS wireless data logger, a GSM/GPRS module is fitted inside the data logger. We need to insert a GPRS enabled SIM in the wireless data logger to make it transmit data to a remote central server/GPRS/GSM device. This GPRS/GSM based wireless data logger/RTU will transmit data through TCP/IP protocols and the remote location must have a system to receive this data through TCP/IP communication. A hardware and a software application is required to receive data in this case. The hardware may be a PC with interenet connectivity having a static IP or a GSM/GPRS enabled device with a SIM having static IP. This way we can communicate data between two remotely installed devices through wireless GSM/GPRS based data loggers.

But what is we want to retrieve data in a central control room from several remotely installed machines. The answer would be same - a wireless GSM/GPRS data logger/RTU but with a central server and front end web based application.

We have three components in this case:

  • A GSM/GPRS wireless data logger: This GSM/GPRS wireless data logger will get the data from the remotely installed machine through a sensor, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, a pressure sensor, a flow sensor or a level sensor
  • A Server Application Installed on a PC installed in the central control room: The PC would be connected to internel with a static IP. A server appication is installed on the PC to receive data from several GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers/RTUs
  • A Web Based Monitoring Interface: This interface receives data from the central server. You can select a GSM/GPRS wireless data logger/RTU on this screen.You can view live data in real time of selected GSM/GPRS wireless data logger.

We have varios models of GSM/GPRS wireless data logger to meet your anytype wireless data monitoring requirements. You can use GSM/GPRS wireless data logger/RTUs for online temperature monitoring, online humidity monitoring, online pressure monitoring, water flow monitoring, level monitoring, dg set electrical parameters monitoring. Not only monitoring but by installing GSM/GPRS wireless data logger/RTUs we can also do the switching operations from the centarl control room. This way we can control our street light from a central location, operate water pumps from the SCADA, can do remote energy management.

Working of GSM/GPRS wireless data logger: In a GSM/GPRS wireless data logger, data travels from machine to sensor, from sensor to GSM/GPRS wireless data logger, from GSM/GPRS wireless data logger to modem, from modem to network tower os service provider. At central control room this data travels into a internet connected PC in which a SCADA software application is installed. Through this SCADA application only the PC communicates with the GSM/GPRS wireless data logger. GSM/GPRS wireless data logger works both way. It can send data to a central server with static IP and transmits back instructions as entered/sent from SCADA.

Applications: A GSM/GPRS wireless data logger can be used for street light automation projects. GSM/GPRS wireless data logger can be used for pump house automation in municipal operated large pump house for public use. GSM/GPRS wireless data logger finds applications in solar panel monitoring and wind mill monitoring. One of the major application of GSM/GPRS wireless data logger if temperature and humidity monitoring. Remote energy management, water flow monitoring, water totalizing, water level monitoring, assembly line automation are some of the area where GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers and RTUs find majority of applications.

Softbitonline has various models of GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers and RTUs to meet your various application demands. Yet if no one of our GSM/GPRS wireless data logger fits your requirements then we can design a GSM/GPRS wireless data logger/RTU specifically as per your requirements and specification. We are well equipped to undertake any project related with the design, manufacture and implementation of GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers and RTUs. You can contact us at - info@softbitonline.com for inquiry related to GSM/GPRS wireless data logger/RTUs.


Remote Battery Bank Management:
GSM/GPRS based data loggers are used for remote battery bank management. We can monitor battery voltage, load current and temperature of battery from a central location by installing the GSM/GPRS RTUs. Live status of battery bank can be seen from the web interface/SCADA application installed in the central control room. We can set SMS alerts for low battery volatge and over loading of the battery bank.

DG Set Monitoring & Control:
We can install GSM/GPRS RTUs with dg sets for a centralized, remote monitoring and control. Various crucial parameters can be monitored and recorded for analysis and study to avoid breakdowns. We can monitor engine temperature, oil temperature, coolant temperature, alternator winding temperature, engine rpm, oil pressure, alternator winding parameters, electrical parameters.

Effulent Treatment Plant Monitoring:
Central Pollution Control Board and State Pollution Control Boards are taking steps to monitor the waste water being drained out of the industries. Each industry has to take measures to check the water quality before discharging into drains. For this polution control boards are advising each industry to install GSM/GPRS based RTUs/Data Loggers to keep online watch on quality and quantity of waste water being discharged by each industry.

Solar Light Automation:
GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs and data loggers are also being installed with solar based street lights to monitor the working of individual light fixture. We get ON/OFF status of each light, battery status, charging status of battery. This helps in pre-planned maintenance of solar enabled street lights.

Sub Station Automation:
Remote monitoring and control of sub stations is being done by installing GSM/GPRS/RF based data loggers and RTUs. This helps in online condition monitoring of HT transformers, fault status, emergency tripping. As we get live data from the field so its each to undertake maintenace faster with prior planning.

Pump House Automation:
Complete pump house automation can be done easily and economically with the help of GSM/GPRS/RF based data loggers and RTUs. We can start/strop the pumps at pre scheduled time frames automatically to pump water to over head and underground tanks for residential complexes, commercial zones. Pumps can also be controlled through a mobile phone and from a SCADA system installed in a remote control room. Reamote data acquisition helps in maitaining the history of pump and motors which helps in trouble free working and short maintenance time.

Remote Energy Management:
To save electrical energy we need to have the past data and current energy data for comparision and analysis. For this we can install GSM/GPRS based smart energy meters/RTUs/Data Loggers for live data acquisition. Smart meters or GSM/GPRS based devices can be installed to fetch data from meters for remote energy management.

Remote Data Loggers For Hospitals:

Customized Data Loggers:
We can design and develop customized GSM/GPRS/RF based data loggers and RTU to meet your specific requirements. Please share your application and specifications to get a quote. We have a strong and well experienced team of engineers working on new developments as per client specifications and requirements.

GSM Data Logger

Softbitonline Quick Reference:

Management of the vehicular parking is necessary in all the cities around the world. Proper parking management is a major problem. Earlier, only manual sliding or swing doors were used that were cheap and required low maintenance. However, in modern parking systems utilization of automatic gates is done. The logical controllers and web SCADA applications can be used for automatic parking, operation and control of the parking area and gates. Automatic ticket dispensers can also be set up at the entry gates of the premises and in residential complexes, buildings or bungalows. Softbitonline offers logical controllers, GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs and web SCADA applications for wireless monitoring and operation of the automatic car parking systems. We design and manufacture GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs and logical controllers for making car parking systems automatic. Since these logical controllers and RTUs are wireless and GSM/GPRS based, the operator can monitor and control them from the central control room using a computer. The user can also monitor the area using their mobile phones that would receive data from the GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs attached to the field device. We also provide customised web SCADA software applications that are compatible with the logical controller or the hardware. Our web SCADA software for car parking, gates and security is completely web based and requires no installation. You can access it using a web browser. Therefore, monitoring and control can be done from any location. This GPRS/GSM based logical controller and web-based SCADA system cut the maintenance costs and increases the device’s uptime. Real-time data can be fetched using our internet based SCADA system. SMS alerts can be also set for 5 user selected registered mobile number. Our SCADA system is fully secured and can only be accessed by the registered user. The user has to login using his/her account name and password to access the data. Our wireless data loggers/RTUs have been installed in effluent treatment plants, pole mount sub stations, for remote energy management, water quality monitoring, pump house automation, energy saving systems, water flow monitoring, wireless energy monitoring, solar power and wind energy monitoring. Friday, 28 September 2018 (September 28, Two Thousand Eighteen) Indian Standard Time 04:30 PM.

Remote data loggers are installed for real time data acquisition where status of plant and machinery is to be checked in real time. We need real time data for water quality checks, real time data for air quality checks. Water and air are being very essential part of our life so we need a real time check on the quality of these two. This can be done by installing GPRS/GSM based RTUs and data loggers for real time data acquisition by installing different type of sensors. These sensors get the real time data from the air or water and send this in real time to data logger & RTU for real time transmission to a remote server. This acquisition of data in real time through a remotely installed sensor is vary important for knowing the health and quality of water and air.

Real time data acquisition helps in doing analysis on the samples of data received through GSM/GPRS enabled RTUs and data loggers in real time. Real time data acuisition is very imortant for the purpose of providing quality life to people in a sociaty. Real time data acquisition based upon RTUs and data loggers helps in locating instant faults in the service of plant and machinery, it helps if providing instant repair to the machinery at low cost of repair. Real time data acuisition is done by installing GSM/GPRS RTUs and data loggers with remotely installed machines and plants.


Now a days GSM GPRS Wireless RTUs and GSM GPRS data loggers are being used. GSM GPRS Wireless RTUs and GSM GPRS data loggers are used for wireless data transmission. GSM GPRS Wireless RTUs and GSM GPRS data loggers are used for remote monitoring. GSM GPRS Wireless RTUs and GSM GPRS data loggers are used for remote control. GSM GPRS Wireless RTUs and GSM GPRS data loggers are used for live real time data transmission. GSM GPRS Wireless RTUs and GSM GPRS data loggers are used for web based monitoring. Low cost factory & industry automation products in India.

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