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Industrial automation using GSM GPRS SMS wireless data loggers
Wireless Remote Data Logger
Wireless SCADA Data Loggers & RTUs - For Factory & Industrial Automation
Softbionlinet has launched a range of GSM/GPRS/SMS wireless data loggers RTUs/PLCs systems for real time online web based monitoring and control., RTUs for factory, industrial & process automation. These remote data loggers can be used for data acquisition & control of remote installed electrical systems, electric motors, transformers, generators, HT/LT distribution panels, boilers, water pump house or any electrical. More...

Street Light Automation Wireless Intelligent Street Light Automation
In your smart cities now you can operate the street lights automatically by installing Street Light Automation Controllers. You can monitor the status of LED lights in real time through web based SCADA from your control room PC/Laptop/Smart Phone, dim the lights at night hours, time base, web based, GSM/SMS based switching, dialy report generation, SMS Alerts and much .... More...

Wireless GPRS/GSM PLCs RTUs For Water Pump House Automation
We can design and supply pre-programmed PLCs for any type of water pump house automation. The RTUs are installed at remote raw/clear water pumping stations for automation. The pumps are operated as per the pre programmed logics. These RTUs are ready to use. Just buy and install any where. These are open archetecture type so that you can add any number of wireless RTUs with the old ones. More...

OLTC AVR - SCADA, Industrial Automation
OLTC AVR and Panel For HT Transformers
Onload Tap Changer (OLTC) is used with higher capacity transformers where HT side voltage variation is frequent and a nearly constant LT is required. OLTC is fitted with the transformer itself. Multiple tappings from HV windings are brought to the OLTC chamber and conacted to fixed contacts. Moving contacts rotates with the help of rotating mechanism having a spindle...

Remote Wireless Energy Monitoring
Wireless Smart Intelligent Digital Energy Meter
Softbit Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi is proud to launch its most demanding RTU viz. – Wireless Smart Intelligent digital Energy Meter for remote energy monitoring & power management for small, medium & large industrial & commercial establishments. Our 90x90x120 panel door fit wireless energy monitor is being used by many electrical panel builders for remote energy & power management. Live Demo...

Wireless GPRS/GSM Sub Station Automation
Wireless GPRS/GSM technology is being used for smart grid operations for load managemnet, sub station automation where continuous load monitoring is required. With the help of GSM/GPRS wireless RTUs PLCs data logger, the remote data can be collected in the central control room. With automatic operation of the electric sub stations, we can monitor the status of ht transformers, temperature of oil, status of buchlotz relay, status of OCBs & VCBs. Monitoring of load can be done from the central control room. More..

Wireless RS232/RS485 AMR (Automatic Meter Reader)
Softbit Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi has indigenously developed RTU for capturing data from any field instrument with RS232/RS485 communication. These Wireless RTUs fetch data from the field units and transmit that data to centralized server. Data can be monitored in real time online through web based SCADA. The data logger has a GSM/GPRS/SMS modem for telemetry communication.

GSM GPRS Wireless RTU, Data Logger, Data Acquisition, Remote Monitoring, Access & Control, Telemetry. Our gsm gprs wireless RTU are extensively being used for municipal water treatment plants, water purification plants, water filteration plants, water pumping station for plant automation. This way the plant monitoring & control can be done from a central control room. Wireless Remote data loggers and RTU or RTUs find an exccessive usage in the water pump house automation, factory automation. plant and proccess automation. We can set SMS alerts for Hi/Low values of parameters. SMS can be sent on five pre-registered mobile numbers (cell phones). Switching can be done using SCADA software, Cell phone, mobile phone.

We also undertake food processing machinery automation with GSM GPRS wireless data loggers for remote monitoring and control of food processing machinery and plant. Upgradation of old food processing machinery is also undertaken.

Remote energy monitoring and power analysis can easily be done by our GSM GPRS enabled remote energy monitoring devices. These energy monitoring RTUs can also be used for smart energy management and for smart grid operations. Graph trends can be generated with the data in live mode.

Wireless GSM/GPRS smart intelligent energy meter is used for monitoring of energy data of remotely installed electrical mchines and systems. The smart intelligent energy meter is best product for continuous online power management of any type of industry. The smart intelligent power analyser is a digital type meter which displays voltage, current power factor, frequency, KVA, KVAH, KW, KWH and harmonics. Monitoring is web based. You can see live graph & trends on google chrome. This can measure electricity of a three phase electrical system. The wireless GSM/GPRS smart intelligent energy meter is installed along with the machine which is remotely installed. The electrical parameters are sent to the central control room PC through a built-in modem. The central PC has SCADA software installed. The electrical parameters are displayed in tabular form. You can generate daily reports for analysis. This energy & power monitor is best recommended for HT/LT transformers, electric motors, power and control panels, dg sets, boilers, furnaces where regular power monitoring is required for better energy management.

The wireless GPRS/GSM technology is also being used for water pump house automation. With the help of GSM/GPRS wireless PLCs we can run a clear water, raw water, sewage water pumping station in automatic mode. The pumps are operated on a pre set schedule automatically. Different sensors are used to check the water level, water pressure, water flow in the pipe lines. Water quality sensors are installed along with the RTU to keep a regular check on the water quality. The data is collected in a central control room. This data is monitored on a SCADA software installed on central PC. Various types of SMS, text alerts, message can be generated on occurence of fault and sent on the mobiles. The monitoring is live and in real time web based. The data is stored for generation of reports for analysis and future provisions. Small water pumping stations are largely being installed to provide clear water to villages and towns. So automation fo water pump house is must for better management of water and to save water.

GSM/GPRS Wireless Electric Sub Station Automation: GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers RTUs are used for electric sub station automation. SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) interface is used to monitor and control the HT transformer from a central control room. With the help of GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers RTUs, we can monitor oil temperature, winding temperature, level of oil in the tank, bucholtz relay status in the central control room through SCADA interface.. The SCADA interface can display data of a number of remotely installed HT transformers. The wireless monitoring and control data loggers RTUs can also check the power failure, overloading, unbalance load sharing, parallel operation of HT transformers, OLTC operation. At the central control room, the SCADA interface can store the data for report generation, alert setting, automatic switching operation from remote. We can monitor the status of VCB/OCB on our mobile phone.

We design and develop GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers and RTUs as per client requirements also. Different logics can be provided as per the client requirements. So you get ready to use wireless data loggers for immediate use with the water pumps to put them under pump house automation.

Automation of building management solutions (BMS) helps us save electrical energy. We can keep a track of energy consumtion round the clock. Real time online web based monitoring of various machines and instruments can be done which helps us in examining the load behaviour on machines and protecting the machines from damaging. Wireless automatic building management solutions (BMS) cover web based online electricl energy monitoring, sub station monitoring, water pump house automation, temperature monitoring of freezers & cold storages etc.,. Today most of the high rise building are fitted with ultra modern wireless building management solutions (BMS) for safety & security of buildings.

The blower is installed in the room and the compressor unit is installed outside the room, may on the roof top or in a nearby open area.

Wireless telemetry finds its applications for transmission of data from one location to other location. Telemetry uses the GSM/GPRS modems for data communication & control. Many public and private sector clients are using our GSM GPRS enabled wireless RTU (RTUs), data loggers for remote monitoring & control of motors, boilers, furnaces, HT substations, Transformers, Genetrators, solar farm, solar panel, PV cell, wind turbine, wind mills, wind farms, water treatment, water pump house automation.

Our wireless scada software application can access the remotely installed RTU (RTUs) using GPRS GSM wireless technology to monitor and control electrical machines, water pumps, sub station, HT Transformers, electric motors, furnance, solar panels, wind mills, wind farms, PV panels, wind turbines, cold storage. This type of wireless remote monitoring and data acquisition system uses telemetry RF technology to retrieve the data in a M2M communication network. SMS alerts using GSM network can also be sent on a mobile phone or cell phone.

Many electrical power & control panel builders, electrical consultants, system integrators of Siemens, ABB, L&T, Omron, HPL, IBM are installing our GPRS GSP wireless RTU (RTUs) for remote data access, wireless monitoring, web-based monitoring & control to switch ON OFF their electrical machines & systems.

Our wireless GPRS GSM RTU and data acquisition devices can also be used for smart grid operations and efficient energy management in industries. The wireless scada software is installed on the PC Laptop to monitor and control the remotely installed electrical machines. Centralized monitoring and control can be done using gprs gsm wireless remote data loggers RTUs (RTU), SMS can be generated, daily reports can be exported. So sitting in the office or travelling in a car, you can control and monitor your machines remotely and wireless on your mobile cell phone. M2M communication is the need of hour to save energy to conserve energy. Energy saved is energy generated.

It can also be a web based monitoring & control of data of machines, plants, dg sets, transmission & distribution transformers. Wireless monitoring & control can also be done from your mobile phone or cell phone. The GSM GPRS device sends the data of the remote machine by means of a wireless technology called RF telemetry.

GPRS/GSM Wireless RTU/RTUs are used for real time online data communication, monitoring and control. Real time online communication is an integral part of M2M wireless communication where a crucial data is to accessed live in real time online on wireless scada software. There are so many applications in daily life where real time online M2M wireless communication is required using GSM/GPRS RTU/RTUs (Remote Terminal Unit). The applications which require real time online M2M wireless data communications are - water pump station automation, street light automation, temperature monitoring and machine automation.

Various types of electrical & mechanical parameters can be monitored using GSM/GPRS wireless RTU/RTUs by connecting sensors like - temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, fluid level, fuel level, rain, wind, air speed, vibration, speed, oil level, water flow. Data can be monitored and controlled through wireless scada software application through M2M communication.

Many system integrators are using GSM/GPRS/SMS wireless data loggers & RTUs for data
acquisition from remotely installed machines. Wireless pump house automation, sub station automation, street light automation, factory & industrial automation are some of the examples of GSM/GPRS/SMS wireless data loggers RTUs.

Web based online real time monitoring is being used to monitor remote locations for wireless temperature monitoring & control, water flow meter data monitoring, sub station monitoring & control. Web based remote wireless monitoring is being implemeted every where now a days.
Wireless Data Logger RTU is must for any factory & industry today. Our GSM GPRS wireless data loggers RTU are being used for Wireless Automation in industries.

SMS based devices are making good place in industrial automation where instant alerts are required on the mobile phones. GPRS enabled SMS devises can be installed for remote temperature monitoring of server rooms, cold storage, water pump operations. SMS alerts can be generated on hi/low values. SMS can be sent on pre defined 5 mobile numbers. This alert SMS helps the supervisor/engineer to know the status of remote machine. Alerts are generated by the wireless RTU or data logger automatically. User can also send commands from their mobile phones to remote RTUs data loggers to fetch desired data. If there is any abnormality then a preventive measure can be initiated to avert a major fault. SMS alert RTUs/data loggers can be used for many applications such as sub station monitoring, automatic water pump control, temperature monitoring, water level monitoring. Timers can also be initiated for scheduled operation of machine/pumps. The time schedule can be modified as required from the control room through SCADA application/software. This helps us to put a pupm house in fully automatic mode. It will start and stop as per the pre set schedules. This helps in providing round the clock water supply to public. In case there is any problem like high current, low power factor, phase failure, low supply voltage, over heating of motor then an SMS alert can be shoot at 5 pre registered mobile numbers. In case you want to retrieve data from the data logger/RTU at your desired time then you can send a request to data logger/RTU with a code to get back the data on your mobile phone. You need to enter a PIN before sending a request to wireless remote data logger/RTU followed by the name of parameter you want to get data for. This way you can fetch data from anywhere through your mobile phone. You are adviced not to disclose the PIN to anybody as this will add burden to you for unwanted SMS sent by data logger .
We provide any type of product solution for factory and industry automation.

GSM/GPRS based real time data acquisition is required where we want to monitor any remotely installed machine or system and live monitoring in real time is essential for smooth functioning of the system. GSM/GPRS based real time data acquisition RTUs are used for this purpose. GSM/GPRS based real time data acquisition through RTUs and data logger with flow meter is proving a necessity now a days. It helps in keeping a continuous watch and control our the water flow and water consumption. Data logger for flow meters have a built in modem to transmit data continuously to a central server. This central server stores the data for monitoring and report generation later on.

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