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Condition monitoring and control of transformers, electric motors, dg sets
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For HT Power Transformers


Softbitonline is pleased to present fully automatic microprocessor based integrated RTCC Panel or iRTCC Panel. You do not require a separate RTCC Panel. This iRTCC Panel has built in AVR which is connected to OLTC of an HT transformer and maintains the secondary voltage at a preset value. This iRTCC Panel has auto/manual operation facility and can be fitted either on a wall near transformer or in the marshalling box of transformer or in the LT panel. It has a wide LCD display which displays various operations and functions of the OLTC AVR. It displays all the electrical parameters on the LCD like - voltage, load current, frequency, power factor, KW, KWH,KVA, KVAH.

Our Recent Projects
1. Design, Manufacture & Supply of RTCC Panel With OLTC AVR & Live Substation Monitoring (4G Wireless Communication) For 10MVA/132kV/33kV NGEF Transformers with Web Based SCADA x 4nos
2. Design, Manufacture & Supply of RTCC Panel with OLTC AVR & Live Monitoring of 5MVA/33/11 kV ELECTRA make Transformers x 6 nos
3. Design, Manufacture & Supply of RTCC Panel with OLTC AVR & Live Monitoring of 3MVA/33/11 kV Transformer x 6 nos
Order belongs to Rajasthan Govt. (through their contractor. Work includes installation & commissioning also)

OLTC AVR AVR with Touch Screen Panel/HMI:
Softbitonline is pleased to annouce the launch of its new Touch Screen AVR (OEM Module) for OLTC. Now you can configure the AVR by touching on the screen. This is state of the art most advance version of OLTC AVR, compact size with ABS plastic body (IP65 Protection), wall mount & its economical. Ask for more details at - sales@softbitonline.com

Salient Features integrated RTCC Panel:

  • Ready to install and use with any make of OLTC/Transformer.
  • Complete OLTC Control and Monitoring System.
  • Separate RTCC Panel not required. iRTCC Module (SAG-E44) can be fitted into LT panel with minimal wiring scheme and interface
  • Built In Voltage Control, Tap Measurement and OLTC status Indications features.
  • 128 x 64 pixel graphical monochrome LCD display the following:
    • Tap Change in progress
    • PT Under /Over Voltage
    • Upper Limit Reached
    • Lower Limit Reached
    • DM Motor Over Load
    • OLTC in Local Mode
    • Mechanism Stuck / DM Motor Reversed
    • Out of step
  • User friendly field programmable through mobile phone.
  • GSM/GPRS enabled for remote monitoring and control.
  • Complete remote energy management of transformer
  • SCADA/Web monitoring enabled.
Connection Diagram of OLTC Motor Assemply
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Select an OLTC AVR Model For Your RTCC PANEL:   

Model Type Features Display
SE-AVR96 Normal (No GSM/GPRS) UV, OV, TD 16x2 Line Monochrome
SAG-E44 GPRS/GSM UV, OV, TD, LDC (optional), CFR, AFR, TPI, Parallel, SCADA, 80 col printer (optional), SMS Alerts, GPS, Sensor Inputs, OL protection 128x64 Graphical Mono

General Specifications:
Model: SE-AVR96


Auxiliary Power Supply:. 110V/250V AC +/- 10%
Frequency: ........................ 50Hz
Power Consumption:
....... 15VA
PT Supply:...........................110VAC

Time Delay Adjustment: 10 to 100 Secs
Operatiing Temperature: Max. 55 deg C

Parallel Operation:............Model SE: N/A
...............................................Model SAG: 2 to 5

Size:......................................96mm x 96mm x120mm (SE)
...............................................230mm x 110mm x 100mm ...............................................(SAG)

Weight:................................1 Kg approx. (SE)
...............................................4 Kg approx. (SAG)

Model: SAG-E44

Over Voltage/Under Voltage Protection:
The AVR has built in feature for protection against UV/OV from PT. An aux. relay is energized to operate an hooter. The UV and OV state is shown on the LCD. You can also set the AVR to get an SMS on your mobile phone in case of OV/UV.

Time Delay:
The affect in change in voltage takes place only after the time delay (TD) has elapsed as set by the user. In other words the relay will send command to the motor only after the time delay has elapsed. This is required to avoid the motor start/stop on frequent voltage fluctuations. This delay time can be set from 5 to 125 seconds.

Line Drop Compensator (LDC):
This refers to the drop in line voltage from generating end to transformer primary. The LDC helps the AVR to compensate this drop. The feature is added on request on charge-able basis.

Control Failure Relay (CFR):
If the OLTC/AVR malfuctions because of any reason for certain preset time (say 10 minutes) then the CF relay will get energised and activated. An alarm can be connected with this relay contacts. Once the controls resume the normal functions, the relay gets de-energized putting the alarm off. All this can be seen on the LCD. You can also set the AVR to get an SMS on your mobile phone in case of control failure of the OLTC AVR.

Auxiliary Fail Relay (AFR):
In case auxiliary supply to AVR fails (from PT), the AF relay gets activated. You can also set the AVR to get an SMS on your mobile phone in case of auxiliary supply faiure.

Tap Position Indicator (TPI):
This feature is used to indicate the tap position. The tap position is displayed on the LCD. You can get tap postion on your mobile phone also (on request).

OLTC AVR Parallel Operation:

The OLTC AVR module has (optional) the provision to operate more than one transformers in parallel. One transformer is taken as the master and the remaining as the followers so that they follow the master's LV voltage set values.

OLTC AVR model SAG-E44 can be monitored and control through a wireless SCADA application from any where in the world. You can monitor the complete parameters of a transformer like electrical parameters, winding temperature (sensor required), oil temperature (sensor required), oil level (sensor required), buclotz relay status. oil leakage (sensor required).

Printer For Instant Reports:
OLTC AVR model SAG-E44 can be provided with a 80 column printer to get instant printouts on the spot. You can select the parameters for which you need the instant printouts.

SMS Alerts:
All the functions and events happening in the OLTS AVR can be received on your mobile phone.

Global Positioning System (GPS):

You can see the location of your transformer on google map from any where in the world.

Analog & Digital Sensors:
You can connect 4 X analog sensors (4 - 20 mA OR 0 - 5 volts) to record and monitor the health of the HT transformer. You can conncet 4 x digital sensor (pulse/counter) to check the status of transformer buchlotz's relay, transformers breaker etc.,.

Over Load Protection (OLP):
In case a transformer if getting overloaded, you can get an instant alert on 5 mobile numbers so as to take immediate action. Optional feature can also be provided to start an alarm or switch off the breaker and hence the transformer to save it from over-heating,

Ask For A Quote At - sales@softbitonline.com

You Would Like To Know:
Function of OLTC AVR:

Onload Tap Changer (OLTC) is used with higher capacity transformers where HT side voltage variation is frequent and a nearly constant LT is required. OLTC (On Load Tap Changer) is fitted with the transformer itself. Multiple tappings from HV windings are brought to the OLTC chamber and conacted to fixed contacts. Moving contacts rotates with the help of rotating mechanism having a spindle. This spindle can be rotated manually as well as electrically with a motor. Motor is connected in such a way that it can rotate in both the directions so as to rotate the OLTC contacts in clockwise and anticlock-wise direction. Two push buttons are fitted on the LCP (local control panel) to rotate the motor and hence the OLTC contacts in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. This movement of contacts thus controls the output LV voltage of the transformer. So rotating of OLTC contacts with spindle or push buttons in this way is a mannual process.

In case the process of rotating the OLTC contacts and hence controlling the LV side voltage is to be done automatically then an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is installed with the transformer OLTC.

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Working of OLTC AVR:

The Automatic Voltage Regulator Relay or AVR Relay is a totally microprocessor based relay that controls the arm movement with the help of high torque motor (OLTC and motor are not parts of the AVR supply). It also indicates the line voltage, line current, load on the transformer, apparent and reactive powers, system frequency and power factor. The AVR can be set to "Auto" or "Manual" mode. In "Auto" mode the AVR controls and maintains the transformer LV voltage as per the pre set value automatically. It sences the variations in LV voltage for a pre-set time delay and brings the voltage to normal value by changing the tap position of OLTC with the help of high torque motor. In "Manual" mode the LV voltage can be controlled through low/high push buttons which are fitted along with OLTC - LCP (Local Control Panel). Up and down movement of OLTC motor is indicated with the glow of LEDs fitted on the AVR and on the OLTC - LCP. This AVR can be used with any type of OLTC as it has to control the movement of motor which is connected with the arm that moves the contacts of the OLTC. The LCP is generally fitted near the OLTC or upon the OLTC box while the RTCC is fitted with the HT panel of the transformer.                                

SCADA For HT Transformer Monitoring & Control With Built-in AVR

Ask For A Quote At - sales@softbitonline.com

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