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SCADA Software For Industrial Automation & Controls
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition - SCADA For Machine & Process Automation

We specialize in the development of SCADA software applications for industrial process and machine automation projects. We provide you complete solution for automation projects viz., hardware and scada software. We can develop SCADA software applications as per your requirements. We can undertake the complete project from design to implementation. We also manufacture GSM/GPRS enabled RTUs for SCADA applications and industrial automation products.

Some of the SCADA Software Applications Developed By Softbitonline Team
SCADA Automation   SCADA Software Application   Wireless SCADA
SCADA For Pump House   SCADA For Energy   SCADA For ACHU
SCADA For DG Sets        
SCADA For DG Sets        

Working of SCADA Automation System:
SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acuisition system. A SCADA system has three main componets viz., - the machine or process, a hardware (to connect machine with the scada) and a firmware/software or SCADA software application. So to communicate with a process or machine the SCADA software application requires a hardware, sometimes called RTU. This RTU will fetch data from the various components of the machine or process and will send this data to SCADA software application. Then the SCADA software application will apply the logics to put this data in the form of display (LCD/LED), reports, email/SMS alert messages, graphical representation as per the request of the client.

SCADA Automation For Water Pump House:
(SCADA Software For Water Pump House Automation)
If you wish to run and operate your water pump house (any type os pump house viz., - raw water, clear water, sewage water) from a local PC/Laptop or a remote PC/Laptop, we can help you in developing SCADA software application which will operate the pump house in fully automatic mode. The SCADA software application will ensure the starting, smooth running and stopping of pump motors automatically. The SCADA software system will keep a track of all the functioning of pump house with time stamp so that you can generate reports any time for analysis and study.

SCADA Automation For Sub Stations:
(SCADA Software For Sub Station Automation Projects)
You may face problems to monitor a remotely installed electric sub station. We have an advance technological solution for you. You can trust us for the RTUs as well as for SCADA software application. The SCADA software application will capture the RTU data and will bring it on your local as well remote central computer live in real time. So you can easily monitor, maintain and control your sub station from any location from a laptop or a smart phone. So you see how useful is a SCADA software application.

SCADA For Energy Management:
(SCADA Software For Remote Energy Management & Automation)
You can manage the energy consumption of your different locations through a centralized SCADA software system. The SCADA is installed on a central server PC and energy data from different locations is fetched with the help of RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) and sent to central SCADA system for live monitoring and analysis. With our SCADA software you can set SMS alerts, generate daily reports, can see location of your site on Google map in real time. You can get instant or average value of power factor on the SCADA software screen.

SCADA Automation For Machines/Plants:
(SCADA Software For Machine & Plant Automation)
You can run any of your machines, plants and systems from a SCADA software application. Be it a food processing machine, oil extracting machine, air conditioning plant, refrigeration plant, power generation system, power transmission lines, power distribution lines. You can implement SCADA anywhere with any electrical machine for its smooth operation, monitoring and control. Similarly, we can have SCADA for solar power plants, SCADA for remote industrial plants. The SCADA software also find applications in ac plants, oil and chemical factories,

Web Based SCADA For Industrial Automation & Control:

(Web Based SCADA Software For Industrial Automation & Control)
Web based SCADA is very convinient as it can be used through a web browser. This feature helps us to use it from any where. No need to install the SCADA software. You can access your web based SCADA application on a PC/ laptop or even on your smart phone. This way you can monitor, control you machines from a web browser. You can get live data and do the analysis of data faster. Report generation is also possible.

Wireless SCADA:
(Wireless SCADA Software)
We can also develop applications for wireless SCADA where the RTUs can send /upload the data to a ftp server or send at TCP/IP or shoot emails to clients directly. The wireless SCADA will get the data form FTP server directly.

So we see SCADA has presence in every field where machine automation or process automation or broadly industrial automation is required. Softbitonline is well equipped to develop any type of SCADA applications for its clients as per the requirements and specifications. We are a New Delhi, India based company.

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Softbitonline Quick Reference:

Management of the vehicular parking is necessary in all the cities around the world. Proper parking management is a major problem. Earlier, only manual sliding or swing doors were used that were cheap and required low maintenance. However, in modern parking systems utilization of automatic gates is done. The logical controllers and web SCADA applications can be used for automatic parking, operation and control of the parking area and gates. Automatic ticket dispensers can also be set up at the entry gates of the premises and in residential complexes, buildings or bungalows. Softbitonline offers logical controllers, GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs and web SCADA applications for wireless monitoring and operation of the automatic car parking systems. We design and manufacture GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs and logical controllers for making car parking systems automatic. Since these logical controllers and RTUs are wireless and GSM/GPRS based, the operator can monitor and control them from the central control room using a computer. The user can also monitor the area using their mobile phones that would receive data from the GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs attached to the field device. We also provide customised web SCADA software applications that are compatible with the logical controller or the hardware. Our web SCADA software for car parking, gates and security is completely web based and requires no installation. You can access it using a web browser. Therefore, monitoring and control can be done from any location. This GPRS/GSM based logical controller and web-based SCADA system cut the maintenance costs and increases the device’s uptime. Real-time data can be fetched using our internet based SCADA system. SMS alerts can be also set for 5 user selected registered mobile number. Our SCADA system is fully secured and can only be accessed by the registered user. The user has to login using his/her account name and password to access the data. Our wireless data loggers/RTUs have been installed in effluent treatment plants, pole mount sub stations, for remote energy management, water quality monitoring, pump house automation, energy saving systems, water flow monitoring, wireless energy monitoring, solar power and wind energy monitoring. Friday, 28 September 2018 (September 28, Two Thousand Eighteen) Indian Standard Time 04:30 PM.

Please get in touch for any SCADA software for any industrial application. We develop SCADA software applications in VB & dot NET. We also specialize in web based SCADA software applications for remote monitoring & control. Our SCADA software applications are already in use for water pump house automation, automatic street light operations, sub station automation, smart grid operations, wireless remote energy management. We have SCADA software for all your requirements and applications.

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