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--Be our Mentor in your institution

Students - Be Our Mentor:
We welcome students from engineering colleges as our Mentors to act as our counselors, associates to guide and advice other students to join our online job oriented courses.

Students - Earn While You Learn:

Under the concept - "Earn While Youn Learn", we welcome smart, active, live wire engineering students from any stream to act as our Mentor in their colleges. A mentor would utilize his/her break (tea/lunch) or weekends or holidays to counsel his/her friends, classmates about the benefits of joining Softbit Online Job Oriented Training Courses. These courses come under - Online Machine Design Tool where one can design different types of machines online. Industry people, professional are already using our these online tools for their business.

Online Job Oriented Courses:
Online Courses are of two types:
1 - Basic Course
2 - Advance Course

Get Paid in Indian Rupees or Dollars:

To learn basic course a student has to pay nothing i.e., its free - No fee is to be paid. Only one time registarion charges of Rs,1,250/- (USD25) is to be paid. After registration, a student can continue to use our online machine design tool till he/she passes out his/her engineering. After his/her B.Tech/B.E. is complete, he/she will be given a certificate for the online training course he/she has learnt and practiced along with the engineering graduation. Training videos, help PDF are provided to all registered students free of cost.

Role of a mentor would be to utilize his/her spare time (tea/lunch breaks, weekends, holidays) to guide and counsel his/her class mates, friends to register and join our these online job oriented courses.

Every studnet who signs up and pay the registration charges of Rs.1,250/- (USD 25) will entitle the mentor concerned for a commission.

Apart from commission best performing mentors would also be given a monthy stipend but this stipend will start from 3rd year of their B.Tech/B.E. course for one year.

Why you should join us as a Mentor:
There are several positive points that a student should join our this concept - Earn While You Learn by joining us as a Mentor as:

- Personality & self confidence development.
- Enhancement of career rating at the time of final placement.
- Adds value to the resume.
- Enables the students to explore their subject preferences and --------develop them into a career.
- Helps to channelize the inexhaustive energy of the young -------------students in positive activities.
- Revenue generation to meet your financial requirements.
- A very safe and helpful assignment if students are planning to.....explore their career in marketing after the engineering as it has to be carried out with the campus.

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