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Energy Saver
Energy Saving System
(For Home & Industry)

Electrical energy is a necessity of our life. We need electricity in every task of life. Today we can not think of life without electrical energy. We must use devices with our electrical machines to save energy. This way we can help to generate energy as "Energy saved is energy generated."

There are many machines and systems in the industries which contribute to a maximum consumption of electrical energy. HVAC is one such system. But we can install energy and power management and saving devices with every electrical machine to save energy.

Softbitonline, India has launched one such energy saving device, called "Wireless Energy Monitor". To know more about this energy saver... click




Saturday, 15th March 2014

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Tuesday, 22 March, 2016 (Twenty Two March, Tue, Two Thousand Fifteen. Indian Standard Time 09:36 am. Second half in progress for the last 50 minutes. GSM/GPRS/RF Data Loggers & RTUs for remote monitoring & control. Solar street lights are being installed in remote villages where electricity is not available. This is a step to use our solar energy for mankind. Install GSM/GPRS/RF Data Loggers & RTUs for remote monitoring & control.
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