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GPRS remote energy monitor
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Wireless Energy Monitoring
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(Live Real Time Web Based Smart & Intelligent Energy Monitoring)

Softbit Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi is proud to launch its most demanded RTU viz. – Wireless Smart Power Meter for intelligent remote energy/electricity monitoring & management for small, medium & large industrial & commercial establishments. Monitoring is online web based in real time. You can monitor remotely energy parameters - Volt, Amp, Hz, PF, KW, KWH, KVA, KVAH from your central control room PC/home PC or on your smart p

SE-Energy(96) - Only Energy Monitoring
SB-Smart(2Ch) - Energy & 2 Aux. Relay
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Applications: This GSM/GPRS/SMS enabled wireless energy/power electricity meter or energy analyzer can monitor voltage, load current, frequency, power factor, kW, KWH, KVA, KVAH. So it can be installed anywhere for remote energy & power management. Simple applications are street light automation, energy monitoring of local substations on distribution side, dg set load management, any electrical machine or system where routine energy management and analysis is to be done continuously. Its standard size – 90mm x 90mm x 120mm make it possible to fit it in place of existing old meters also. The energy/electricity meter can read and display around 8 electrical parameters. Its best use is where constant energy monitoring of different machines/DG sets (which are installed at different remote locations) is required on a central control room PC. Live Demo...

GPRS SIM Card: It uses a GPRS enabled SIM card for data transmission. Live data can be monitored on your control room PC/Laptop through a web browser or even on your cellphone.

Web Based Monitoring: All the energy/electricity/power parameters can be monitored through a web browser in real time online. You can also set alerts for Hi/Low values of voltage, current, PF. Live Demo...

Data Storage & Report Generation: The data is stored on a central server for analysis & reports generation (Optional feature). Data is stored for one year. A 4GB pen drive can also be used for local level data storage on the meter itself.

SMS Alerts: You can store 5 mobile numbers to receive SMS alerts if the energy parameters deviates from the preset values.

General Specifications:

Supply Voltage:    Built-in SMPS
Sensing:               3 Phase & Neutral
Current Sensing:  Through Micro CT (Provided along with the meter)
Parameter:           Volt, Amp, Hz, PF, KW, KWH, KVA, KVAH, Harmonics
Accuracy:              1%      
Display:                16 x 2 Character LCD, Monochrome
Smart Tripping: ---For Non Critical Loads To Control Demand (Optional)
Data Storage:      On remote server as well on 4 GB Pen Drive
Dimensions:         90mm (W) x 90mm (H) x 120mm (D)
Modem:                Quad Band
Storage:               -25 oC  to + 75 oC       

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Various Models

Remote Energy Power Management System

Various Displays

Click For Live Demo...Remote energy power data monitoring & management by SMS GSM GPRS technology - graphical view
Graphical Data View

Remote Wireless Data Transmission - SMS/GSM/GPRS technology
Tabular Data View

Wireless SCADA for Remote Data Transmission, Monitoring & Control - GSM/GPRS technology
Central Monitoring

Various Applications

Wireless remote electrical parameter monitoring of a dg set, SMS alerts using GSM GPRS data transmission
DG Power Monitoring

Remote Solar Power Monitoring & Control - SMS GSM GPRS Technology
Solar Panel Monitoring

Wireless Sub Station Automation
Sub Station Monitoring

Power Control Room Data Management - WIreless SCADA
LT/HT Switch Room Monitoring

Smart Grid Operation For Wireless Power Control & Management
Smart Grid Monitoring

Remote Wind Mill Energy Monitoring
Wind Farm Monitoring



Saturday ,04 February,2017 (Four, February Two Thousand Seventeen. Indian Standard Time 10:45 Am. Day Time Zone II. RF/GSM/GPRS based data loggers and RTUs for wireless monitoring and control.Data loggers are the core component of RNRG’s complete system approach to wind and solar measurement applications. RF/GSM/GPRS based data loggers and RTUs for wireless monitoring and control.


Now you can install GSM/GPRS enabled smart energy meters for online web based energy monitoring. This will help you to monitor electrical energy consumption live in real time on your mobile phone/PC/Laptop. You can monitor and keep a check on less important energy consuming equipments and switch them off from your mobile phone to save energy. So install web based online energy meters for wireless energy monitoring. This helps in saving precious energy. Go for web based energy saving systems today. Web based energy monitoring systems are an essential part today of any industry. Web based energy monitoring system helps is reducing the down time if any problem aries. Web based energy monitoring system help in controlling the electrical energy consumption. Web based energy monitoring systems are helpful in saving our electrical energy. .

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