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SMS GPRS GSM Wireless Data Logger and RTU
Wireless WiFi * Blue Tooth * RF * GSM *GPRS Data Logger & RTU
GSM/GPRS Modem For Remote Monitoring
Wireless Solution For Automation Projects
(WiFi/RF/GSM/GPRS Data Loggers & RTUs For Every Application - Manufacturer/Supplier)
WiFi/ GPRS Data Logger
Above illustaration shows how a wireless RF/GSM/GPRS data logger is used for remote monitoring & control
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WiFi /GPRS Data Logger
Wireless RF/GSM/GPRS communication requires GSM/GPRS enabled RTUs/data loggers having built-in modems, backend server and a front-end web based application or SCADA software application. At Softbitonline you get everything under one roof. The options are there that you can use Softbit public server or install your own private server.

We have RF/GSM/GPRS RTUs and data loggers for every application. Already our wireless GSM/GPRS data loggers/RTUs are working in water sector, wind-mills, solar applications, remote energy management, wireless temperature monitoring, flow, pressure, humidity, water conductivity monitoring, sub station automation, street light automation, food industries, chemical industries etc., So ask us for any requirement for wireless GSM/GPRS data logger/RTU.

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Various Industries & Sectors where Wireless RF GPRS GSM Data Loggers can be used:
Sub Station Automation
Substation Automation
Pump House Automation
Pump House Automation
Street Light Automation
Street Light Automation Controller
Wireless Energy Monitor
GSM Data Logger

Smart Grid Operations
Smart Grid Operation

Wireless WiFi GSM GPRS Data Logger for Sub Station Automation and . More...
Wireless WiFi GSM GPRS Data Logger for Water Pump House Automation . More...
Wireless WiFi GSM GPRS Data Logger for Street Light Automation Projects. More...
Wireless WiFi GSM GPRS Data Loggers RTUs & PLCs for Remote energy & power management. More...
Wireless WiFi GSM GPRS Data Loggers for Intelligent Smart Grid Operations and . More...
Food Plant Automation Machine Automation Production Line Gate Security Automation Remote Monitoring
Food Process Machine Automation Industrial Machine Automation Automatic Gates Solar Power
Data Loggers for Food Processing, Plant & Machinery, Production Line Automation. More... Wireless GSM Data Loggers For Industrial Factory Machine Automation.
We design and develop customized GSM Data Loggers for production line automation.
Wireless GPRS GSM Data Loggers for remote security application. A need of the hour.
Monitor Remotely Installed Solar Panels & Wind Farms With The Help Of GSM Technology.
RS232/Serial Port Communication and RS485 Modbus Protocol Communication:
We also manufacture RS232/serial port and RS485/Modbus protocol data loggers and RTUs with RF/GSM/GPRS communication. These RS232/serial port or RS485 with Modbus protocol data loggers can be connected with any field instrument to fetch data from the instruments/device. We have developed for GAIL, Andra Pradesh, India GSM based RTUs/Data Loggers with MODBUS communication through Circuit Switching. These data loggers/RTUs work with a SIM which has data number (other than mobile number) for making a connection and transmitting data to server. Server can request for a data sample any time by sending a request call from server to remotely installed field RTUs. More...
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Remote Wireless WI Fi RF GPRS GSM Data Logger & RTU:
WIth the advancesment of technology we are able to monitor and control our electrical machines and systems from a centralized location. For this purpose wireless GSM GPRS data loggers are used. The wireless GSM GPRS data loggers are installed with the electrical machines and systems and live data is received at a central control room. We can connect a number of machines and systems to get data by installing wireless GSM GPRS data loggers with different machines. The data we want to monitor may be electrical parameters, temperature, humidity, pressure, flow rate or any data with analog or digital signals. Any type of industry can use these GSM GPRS data loggers for live data monitoring and control. Softbitonline has a range of GSM/ GPRS data loggers for different applications in various industries.

A remote wireless WIFi, Blue Tooth, GSM, GPRS data logger is a microprocessor based electronic device to transmit field data to a centralized location i.e., server. The mode of data transmission can be RF or GSM or GPRS depanding upon the site conditions and client requirements. We need a GPRS enabled SIM card to be inserted in the GSM GPRS data logger for sending the field data to a central server for live monitoring and control. At server end the data is stored for report generation and analysis. For short distance data transmission RF data loggers are preferred.

A temperature sensor can be connected with the GSM/GPRS data logger to measure the temperature of a room or machine. The temperature sensing probe may be a PT100 which sences the temperature and sends the signals to the GSM/GPRS data logger for direct display. The data logger can be configured to display different ranges of temperature on the screen. So remote monitoring of temperature can be done with the help of GSM GPRS wireless data logger or RTU. We are supplying GSM/GPRS/RF based data loggers & RTUs for temperature & humidity monitoring in cold storages, GSM/GPRS/RF based data loggers & RTUs for temperature & humidity monitoring in food processing units, WiFi/GSM/GPRS/RF based data loggers & RTUs for temperature & humidity monitoring in containers and vans, GSM/GPRS/RF based data loggers & RTUs for temperature & humidity monitoring in pharma industries, WIFi/GSM/GPRS/RF based data loggers & RTUs for temperature & humidity monitoring in hotels and restaurants. GSM/GPRS/RF based data loggers & RTUs for temperature & humidity monitoring in fish ponds, GSM/GPRS/RF based data loggers & RTUs for temperature & humidity monitoring in boilers and furnaces.

Softbitonline is supplying GSM/GPRS data loggers for temperature monitoring, GSM/GPRS data loggers for water flow applications, WiFi/GSM/GPRS data loggers for pressure monitoring, GSM/GPRS data loggers for humidity control. GSM/GPRS data loggers and RTUs are also being in construction machinery for getting the data at a central location. The data gatthered is temperature, humidity, location of the machinery. So GSM/GPRS data loggers are best suited for construction machinery also. Next comes medical sector where GSM GPRS data loggers and RTUs are being used for keeping a check on patient health. Health data is sent to the concerned doctor through GSM/GPRS data logger RTU for monitoring and analysis and taking corrective actions immediately.

Applications - RTU M2M WiFi Blue Tooth RF GPRS Wireless Remote Data Logger (Wireless SCADA):
GPRS Remote Data Logger has applications in every type of industry where real time continuous data acquisition & monitoring is required. An exceptionally low cost wireless GPRS/GMS based SCADA solution for remote industrial automation. Every GSM/GPRS based data logger has a built in modem.

These GPRS/GSM wireless remote data loggeres find applications in:
GSM GPRS Data Logger a)- Chemical Industry,
b)- Electricity Generation & Utility i.e., AMR (Automatic Meter Reading),
c)- Military & Defence,
d)- Manufacturing & Process Industry
e)- Medical Sector,
f)- Mining & Extraction Industry,
g)- Oil, Gas & Petroleum Industry,
h)- Food Proccessing Industry: Refrigerated Vans, Cold Storage,
i)- Research Laboratories: Temperature & Humidity Sencing,
j)- Construction Sites to monitor various machines' working hours so saving on fuel & man power,

Use of WiFi GSM/GPRS Data Logger and RTUs in Chemical Industries: In chemical industries various types of processes are carried out daily so keeping a regular watch on these processes we need GSM/GPRS based data loggers and RTUs. We can check remotely propotion of various ingredients being mixed automatically, temperature, humidity, viscousity, flow rate etc., all these parameters can be monitored and recorded from a remote central server by installing GSM/GPRS data loggers & RTUs.

Use of GSM/GPRS data loggers & RTUs/RF in Medical Sectors: RF/GSM/GPRS data loggers & RTUs play an important role in medical and pharma industries. We can have a centralized check of on various processes such as mixing, movement, chamber temperature by deploying various GSM/GPRS/RF data loggers & RTUs for centralized monitoring and quality control.

Use of WiFi/GSM/GPRS data loggers & RTUs/RF in Power Generation: RF/GSM/GPRS data loggers & RTUs find applications in power generation also. We can do the monitoring of generators centrally and keep watch on their performance regularly. We can monitoring temperature rise due to over loading, mechanical problesm such as bearing failure, damaged fans, loose connections, low RPM and there by taking corrective measures immediately to prevent major breakdowns. So we find GSM/GPRS/RF data loggers and RTUs very use ful in quality power genearion.
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Wireless Web based SCADA is used to monitor the live data of a machine or plant to check its performance. For this we need a hardware unit to be installed along with the machine or plant of which data is to be monitored. The hardware should have a communication system like GPRS or GSM or WiFi to transmit the data to a central remote server through TCP/IP. This data is then pulled by a web based SCADA for remote monitoring of the distant machine and plant. We can monitor all the electrical parameters of the machine for its performance and thus to check the productivity of the plant. Thursday, 21 March 2019 (March 21, Two Thousand Nineteen) Indian Standard Time 12:54 PM, Phase-III.. Friday, 08 November, 2019 (Nov Eight, Two Thousand Nineteen) Indian Standard Time 16:33 PM, Third Half..  .

What is a remote wireless data logger? What is a GPRS GSM data logger? How does GSM GPRS wireless data logger work? How does remote GSM GPRS data logger work? Benefits of GSM GPRS data logger. Different applications of GSM GPRS data logger. Different types and models of GSM GPRS data logger. GSM GPRS data logger for temperature monitoring. Remote GPRS GSM data logger for humidity monitoring. Wireless GSM GPRS data logger for water flow meters in pumping station automation. GSM GPRS data logger for sub station automation. What is the data transmission rate of GSM GPRS data logger & RTU? Installation of GSM GPRS data logger & RTU with a dg set. Testing & Commissioning of GSM GPRS RTU & data logger. Configuration of GSM GPRS data logger from remote control room. Get SMS alerts on your smart phone from GSM data logger in real time. Monitor live data on your PC/laptop with a GPRS data logger. Energy management using GSM GPRS data loggers & smart meters. Online monitoring of electrical machines & systems with GSM GPRS data logger & RTU. Live web based monitoring of remotely installed machines. Control your remotely installed machines with the help of GSM GPRS wireles data logger & RTU. Why GSM GPRS data logger is beneficial for remote access of machines? Let us understand the functioning of GSM GPRS data logger for wireless communication. GSM based data logger for pump house automation. GSM data loggers are used for temperature monitoringof remotely installed machines.

“The RA440 bridges UHF RTUs to the GPRS network by utilising a built in 500mW UHF radio (as found in the A733 addWAVE RTU) and a Quad-Band GPRS modem (Motorolla). It then communicates via it's GPRS/GSM connection with the A850 telemetry gateway (which is the central control unit of our telemetry stations). An RA440 can is ideal If you need to collect data from a remote area which is not covered by GSM, and if you have no place with mains power and internet or phone connection nearby to install an A850 Telemetry Gateway. It can be installed in the nearest area with available GPRS/GSM coverage, and can communicate via UHF with remote RTUs from this point. The RA440 uses the same NiMH batteries as the A753/A733 RTUs. From - http://www.rshydro.co.uk/gprs-gsm-telemetry.shtml”

The GPRS Wireless Remote data logger uses a GPRS enabled (or VTS enabled - Vehicle Tracking System enabled) SIM card to communicate with the server. You can use any SIM card which is GPRS/VTS enabled from any service provider. In India you can use AirTel, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea SIM cards with our GPRS enabled wireless data loggers. RF/ GSM/GPRS Wireless data logger /RTU for any wireless application. The RTU identifies the service provider automatically as send the data to provider's tower only.

GSM/GPRS data loggers are used in chemical industries for remote monitoring of data related with chemicals and fluids. GSM/GPRS data loggers help in live monitoring of data through web based interface. RF/GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers & RTUs are used to control the electric machines/motors from central control room. Switching operations can be done from one central place by installing wireless RF/GSM/GPRS data loggers & RTUs. We have different models of GSM/GPRS data loggers for various applications.

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Web based monitoring is being used to monitor remote locations for wireless temperature monitoring & control, water flow meter data monitoring, sub station monitoring & control. Web based remote wireless monitoring is being implemeted every where now a days. In engineering colleges labs are being setup to teach the students about RF/GSM/GPRS/SMS based wireless data loggers and RTUs for monitoring and control of machines and systems. Wireless automation is prime area of implementation of wireless data loggers. GSM/GPRS based Modem is already fitted with in the data logger/RTU.

RF/GPRS/GSM Wireless Data Loggers & RTUs are used for real time online data communication, monitoring and control. Real time online communication is an integral part of M2M wireless communication where a crucial data is to accessed live in real time online on wireless scada software. There are so many applications in daily life where real time online M2M wireless communication is required using GSM/GPRS/RF wireless Data Loggers and RTUs (Remote Terminal Unit). The applications which require real time online M2M wireless data communications are - water pump station automation, street light automation, temperature monitoring and machine automation.

Softbitonline is one stop solution for any type of RF GSM GPRS wireless RTU, data logger for remote monitoring and control. RTU is also available for RS485 MODBUS comminication and RS232 protocol. Wireless Data Logger RTU is must for any industry today. Our GSM GPRS wireless data loggers & RTUs are being used for Wireless Automation in industries. We also design and develop wireless data loggers and remote monitoring systems as per client requirments. Recently, our wireless data loggers have been installed with water flow meters to monitor the daily consumption of water and for total consumption of water. Flow meters installed on the water pipe lines send digital/anaglog data to wireless data loggers & RTU. GSM/GPRS/SMS wireless data logger & RTU process the data for further transmission to central server. The server uses TCP/IP protocols and receives the data transmitted by the remotly installed wireless data loggers & RTUs. Data so received by the central server is available now for monitoring through our SACAD software from any where in the world. Wireless Data logger/RTU can be configured from the the central control room PC through wireless SCADA software/application. You can rename the parameters according to their sencing application, like while using a temperature sensor, you can name it "Cold Storage" if it is measureing the temperature of a freezer. And you can name the second temperature sensor as "Server Room" as it has been placed in the server room for temperature recording and monitoring. Likewise, proximity sensors, access sensors can be installed and connected with digital inputs of the data logger. Naming can be done from the SCADA software. The SCADA sotware has other features also as you can edit the sampling rate of data received from the server, registration of data logger, setting of SMS alerts. You can view/hide the table fields to make it more convinient for user to access the data easily by hiding unwanted columns.

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