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  Online Web Based Tool For CT Design
(CT Design Software/Current Transformer Design Software)
Traditional Current Transformer Design / CT Design
To design a traditional current transformer (CT) we need to know its VA rating and frequency at which it has to operate. By using our online web based tool you get all output parameters like secondary turns, wire size, accuracy, total losses, CT OD, ID and height as well as core area etc.,. You have the options to select core materials before proceeding for design. Save your design parameters and take a print out for distribution to in house departments. More....

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  CT Design Software  

More about CT or Current Transformer:
A CT or current transformer is used to measure the current flowing through an electrical systems say ac motors, transformers, panels and so on. In case where current flowing through the electrical system is high and continuous monitoring is required, CT or current transformers are used with the system. So CT design or current transformer design plays a very inportant role in the manufacture and and hence to measure the load current. CT or current transformers are further divided into two catagories viz., measuring CT or measuring current transformer and protection CT or protection current transformer. Class of accuracy of a CT or current transformer catagorises a CT or current transformer as measuring or protection. As CTs or current transformers are being an integral part of any electrical system today so CT or current transformers are required in abondance. So the CT design or current design software tool plays an important role in designing a good CT or current transformer.

CT Manufacturing:
CT or current transformers are manufactured according to system voltage also. In India there a so many companies who are manufacturing CTs or current transformers and supplying to state elctricity boards, panel builders, industries, test labs etc.,. AE, MECO, BENTEX are so of the brands manufacturing CT or current transformers in India.

Saturday, 21 May, 2016 (May Twenty One, Sat, Two Thousand Fifteen. Indian Standard Time 08:47 am. First half to end in four hours. DG set monitoring and control can be done by installing remote monitoring systems which can be RF or GSM or GPRS enabled and send data to a centralized server. This server stores the data and communicate with each RMS and make the data available for live monitoring through a web browser.


Softbitonline Quick Reference:
Management of the vehicular parking is necessary in all the cities around the world. Proper parking management is a major problem. Earlier, only manual sliding or swing doors were used that were cheap and required low maintenance. However, in modern parking systems utilization of automatic gates is done. The logical controllers and web SCADA applications can be used for automatic parking, operation and control of the parking area and gates. Automatic ticket dispensers can also be set up at the entry gates of the premises and in residential complexes, buildings or bungalows. Softbitonline offers logical controllers, GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs and web SCADA applications for wireless monitoring and operation of the automatic car parking systems. We design and manufacture GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs and logical controllers for making car parking systems automatic. Since these logical controllers and RTUs are wireless and GSM/GPRS based, the operator can monitor and control them from the central control room using a computer. The user can also monitor the area using their mobile phones that would receive data from the GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs attached to the field device. We also provide customised web SCADA software applications that are compatible with the logical controller or the hardware. Our web SCADA software for car parking, gates and security is completely web based and requires no installation. You can access it using a web browser. Therefore, monitoring and control can be done from any location. This GPRS/GSM based logical controller and web-based SCADA system cut the maintenance costs and increases the device’s uptime. Real-time data can be fetched using our internet based SCADA system. SMS alerts can be also set for 5 user selected registered mobile number. Our SCADA system is fully secured and can only be accessed by the registered user. The user has to login using his/her account name and password to access the data. Our wireless data loggers/RTUs have been installed in effluent treatment plants, pole mount sub stations, for remote energy management, water quality monitoring, pump house automation, energy saving systems, water flow monitoring, wireless energy monitoring, solar power and wind energy monitoring. Friday, 28 September 2018 (September 28, Two Thousand Eighteen) Indian Standard Time 04:30 PM.
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