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Readymade transformer design software packages for Auxiliary &
Control Transformers, Isoloation Transformers, Buck Boost transformer,
Step down Transformer & Step up Transformer,
Auto Transformer design, LT & HT transformers.
Customized transformer design solutions are also available.

Control Transformer
Electrical control panel design software
Auxiliary/Control Transformer Design Software
To design an auxiliary or control or power supply transformer we basically need to know its VA rating, frequency at which it has to operate, primary and secondary winding voltages. By using our software you get all output parameters like primary and secondary turns, wire size, weight, total losses, core dimensions as well as core area etc.,. You have the options to select core materials before proceeding for design. Save your design parameters and take a print out for distribution to in house departments.

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Basic Specifications:
With Softbit auxiliary or control transformer design software tool you can design small power supply transformers having following range of inputs:

Sr. No.
1 Control Transformer Capacity 1000 VA (ask for higher range)
2 Supply Voltage 75 VAC - 250 VAC
3 Supply Frequency 1 Hz - 500 Hz
4 Conductor Type Round Enamelled Wire
5 Secondary Dual Multi Tap
6 Core Type E & I and T & I
7 Current Density User Specified
8 Flux Density User Specified
9 Core Thickness User Specified

Input Output Interface

Control, Auxiliary, Power Supply transformer

Buy Control Transformer Design Software
(Auxiliary Transformer)
Product Code : CoTD
Single License Price: INR 18,500/- + GST
(USD 270)

More about Auxiliary or Control Transformer:
An auxiliary or control transformer is required to reduce or increase the secondary voltage to a required value. This type of auxiliary or control transformer is used for power supply applications in endless electrical & electronic devices. The auxiliary or control transformer give the required voltage which is converted to dc. The auxiliary or control transformer secondary winding may carry high currents to suit the load requirements. In most of the cases an auxiliary or control transformer is always step down type i.e., it gives reduced secondary voltage. Core laminations play a vital role in the peformance of the auxiliary or control transformer. Poor quality of core laminations may result in the heating of the core and thus the windings and finally may damage the auxiliary or control transformer. So care must me taken to choose a good quality of core lamination while designing an auxiliary or control transformer. Similarly, we must pay attention to select a suitable current density for primary and secondary conductors while designing an auxiliary or control transformer.

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