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  1. This is a charity service and directly related to our business revenues.
  2. In any case we are not bound to provide you or your refrence any type of help even after submitting above details.
  3. Your email verification or any other verification done by us does not entitle you for any support - financial or non-financial.
  4. We do not guarantee the volume of help. No claim would be entertained in this regard. Management of M/s Softbit Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi can not be held responsible in any case.
  5. In case the help is of financial type then the amout would be given through cheque only or may me transferred to your bank account only. No cash help would be provided in any case.
  6. We can discontinue this charity service anytime without giving any reason. Even the old registered members who have registered with us in the past after the start of this service under this section would be disqualified. No claim(s) would be accepted in this regard by the company, M/s Softbit Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
  7. No legal action can be initiated against the management and any employee of M/s Softbit Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi related with this charity service.
  8. Decision of management of M/s Softbit Technologies Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi would be final in any case.


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