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Batching Plant - Concrete Mixer

Batching Plant - Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixing & batching plants are concrete mixers which is used for construction of buildings, flyovers, foot-paths. Batching plants are generally installed in open and wide spread area where water is available in abundance. A concrete or batch mixing plant is related to construction machinery. Batching plant has buckets, mixing chambers, measuring systems, water pumps. Sophisticated concrete mixing or batching plants are fitted with fully computerized module to process the concrete mixing. In a batching plant first the concrete, red sand and cement are added in buckets and put together in a mixing chamber. Water is added to the mixing chamber as required. The mixing chamber keeps on rotating to avoid the drying of the mixer. Once the mixing is complete the batch mixing plant transfer the concrete mix into a truck. Ice is added to protect the mix from drying. From batch mixing plant the truck transfers the mix to construction site. During travel the drum of the truck is rotated slowly to avoid drying of the concrete mix. It is necessary to use correct ration of ingredients in a concrete mixing batching plant. The complete process from start to end can be monitored and data is recorded on the local PC. The concrete batch mixing plant can be operated in fully automatic mode with the help of logical controllers. You can also monitor the concrete batching/mixing plant by installing wireless RTU. Softbitonline manufacture such GSM/GPRS enabled wireless RTUs. We can also design and develop customized RTUs for concrete mixing & batching plants.


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