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Product Code : SCS-CT185
Single License Price: US $ 475
(Indian Rs.17,500/-)
Product Code : SCS-CoT186
Single License Price: US $ 525
(Indian Rs.24,500/-)
Product Code : SCS-FT187
Single License Price: US $ 200
(Indian Rs.9,500/-)

About Software
Computer Simulation - Saves Time & Revenues
Using these simulations you can save your precious time and money wasted in trials on actually making these trial samples. So be ready and adopt the latest technology to meet the cut-throat competetion.

Computer Simulation - Get Customised One
We also welcome your requests for development of customised simulations as per your requirements and needs. Our team of developers will study your requirements and will present you the most economical, a time saving and revenue saving mean to design your machines.

The simulations include several common features:
Machine layout geometry is defined by parameterized standard template which allows for a quick data entry and modification, resulting in fast simulation.
Softbit Computer Simulation are based upon classical theory and equivalent circuit models.
Online Material Databases which store latest parameters related with electrical steels, copper sizes, insulating materials, instruments and certain spares (bearings, bushings, studes etc.,) are included. Additional materials can be added according to user preference and request but its not compulsory from our end.
SCS gives output in the form of design sheets which display listing of all the calculated parameters and graphical displays of waveforms such as current, voltage, torque, back emf, flux-linkage, gap flux and speed vs torque curves.
About Software
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