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HT Transformer Design Software HT Transformer Design Software
Product Code : SCS-TD2K
Single License Price: US $1550
(Indian Rs.75,500/-) other options...
CT Design Software CT Design Software
Product Code : SCS-CT185
Single License Price: US $ 475
(Indian Rs.17,500/-)
Control Panel Design Software
Control Panel Design Software
Product Code : SCS-softPan 2D
Single License Price: US $ 285
(Indian Rs.19,750/-) other options...
Control Transformer Design
Product Code : SCS-CoT186
Single License Price: US $ 525
(Indian Rs.24,500/-)
AC Motor Design Software AC Motor Design Software
Product Code SCS-MD 177
Single License Price: US $ 2,775
(Indian Rs.1,35,000/-)

At the central control room the monitoring and control of the air conditioning plant can be done through PC/Laptop. (100314)


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