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Product Code : SCS-softPan 2D
Single License Price: US $ 1,350
(Indian Rs.52,500/-) other options...
Product Code SCS-MD 177 Single License Price: US $ 2,775
(Indian Rs.1,35,000/-)
Product Code : SCS-TD2K
Single License Price: US $975
(Indian Rs.37,500/-) other options...

About Software
  Softbit Computer Simulation (SCS) on electric machines is a programme for designing and performance calculations of certain types of electric machines and their basic design parameters. Simple and advanced software engineering concepts have been used to provide an efficient user- interface, making it fast and user friendly. The user starts to design with a pre set standard template (more templates are to be added soon). These simulations can be used to design a 2D/3D model of an electric machine under design.

With the help of these simulations you can verify virtually various parameters of a machine before you start manufacturing it. So you can change the values to get desired results on the screen. You will have the options to select the constants and variables before you start to work upon a simulation. Now enter the output values of the machine under study and you will get the all design parameters of the machine.

The SCS are designed for the engineers with an aim to get high productivity and easy to learn features, with full documentation that includes extensive information on machine theory and design. Machine design with SCS is interactive and fast. However, the SCS software does not do the engineer's job. It is simply a specialized calculating tool to assist the design engineers with initial sizing and preliminary design of an electric machine by providing a simple intuitive interface and quick simulation.

About Software
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