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Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Air compressors are used where air is required at high pressure. High pressure air generated by air compressors  is used for so many applications. A very familiar example where  high pressure air is used is air in our cars or two wheelers. Other examples are paint spray guns, pneumatic tools .  An air compressor consists of a compressor and an electric motor which rotates the compressor. The compressor draws the air from the atmosphere and stores that air in a chamber with high pressure. This high pressure air is then released through a valve for further use. Air compressors are extensively used in industries now a days. Protection devices are fitted with the air compressors to protect them from over heating and high pressure. A pressure valve is fixed with the air compressor which indicates the air pressure inside the air chamber of the air compressor. You can also monitor the air compressors remotely from a central control room by installing GSM GPRS wireless RTU manufactured by Softbitonline.


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SMS Alerts can be received on the mobile phone if there is any deviation in the performance of the air conditioning unit. (100314)

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