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GSM Based Motor Starter
SMS Based Motor Starter
Mobile Motor Starter Controller



GSM/SMS/Mobile Based Motor Starter Controller
With this GSM/SMS/Mobile motor starter controller you can switch on and switch off your motors from your mobile phone. You have to send an SMS from your mobile phone and the GSM/SMS motor starter controller will switch on or switch off the motor (pump motor or any motor) starter. This GSM/SMS motor starter controller is connected with the existing starter of the motor. Your old starter must be a push button start starter with contactor(s).

A GSM SMS Mobile based motor starter has a modem, a contactor. When we send an SMS from our mobile phone, this SMS is received by the SMS based motor starter. This SMS is then verified by the motor starter controller if it has come from a registered mobile number or from a un-registered mobile number. If the SMS has come from a registered mobile phone then the microcontroller sends command to the control relay and which in turn activates the main contactor of the electric motor starter. This way the pump motor stars working. Once the motor is start, this motor starter controller sends back a confirmation SMS to the same mobile number to confirm the acceptance. The motor keeps running till there is no failure of power or till the other Off command is send from the same mobile number through SMS. So a SMS/Mobile or GSM based motor starter is very useful for remote operation of the pump motors.

A GSM/SMS/Mobile motor starter controller works irrespective of the motor capacity as it has to opearte the main contactor of the motor. The main contactor of the motor is operated through an auxilliary relay. So we can opearte any capacity and any voltage electric motors with SMS.GSM/Mobile motor starter. So it is advised to install a SMS/GSM/Mobile based motor starter controller with your electric motors when they are working at remote and unattended locations.

Special Purpose GSM/SMS/Mobile Based Motor Starter Controller:
We also manufacture special purpose SMS/Mobile/GSM based motor starters for getting status of electrical parameters on your mobile phone. This will help you in protecting your electric motor by switching it off immediately in case of abnormal voltage, over current or over loading of the motor, temperature rise in the motors, vibrations in the motors. You can set the motor starter controller to send SMS alerts on five mobile numbers also.

OEM Module of SMS/GSM/Mobile Motor Starter:
We can also supply OEM module to convert your normal motor starters to a SMS/GSM/Mobile based electric motor starter. This is a very economical solution for manufacturers of starters of electric motors for any applications.

GSM/SMS/Mobile Based Motor Starter
You can connect your ac motor with GSM/SMS/Mobile motor starter as this has a built in starter. The motor starter consists of a contactor, a thermal OLR with GSM/SMS/Mobile starter controller.

Salient Features of GSM/SMS/Mobile Motor Starter & Controller:

  • SMS/GSM based mobile motor starter for switching from any where
  • With SMS/GSM mobile motor starter you get reply SMS for status
  • SMS/GSM based mobile motor starter gets ON/OFF status
  • SMS/GSM mobile motor starter sends you power status
  • SMS/GSM mobile motor starter alerts you on power restoration
  • SMS/GSM mobile motor starter indicates you supply voltage
  • SMS/GSM mobile motor starter protects motor against single phasing
  • SMS/GSM mobile motor starter helps you in case of emergency
  • SMS/GSM mobile motor starter comes in various configurations
  • SMS/GSM mobile motor starter works for any distance



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