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GSM/GPRS Wireless Sub Station Automation
GSM/GPRS Wireless Sub Station Automation
Above illustaration shows how a GSM/GPRS wireless data logger is used for Sub Station Automation
Application of GSM/GPRS Wireless Data Loggers & RTUs for SubStation Automation:
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GSM/GPRS Wireless Sub Station Automation: GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers RTUs are used for sub station automation. SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) interface is used to monitor and control the HT transformer from a central control room. With the help of GSM/GPRS wireless data loggers RTUs, we can monitor oil temperature, winding temperature, level of oil in the tank, bucholtz relay status in the central control room through SCADA interface.. The SCADA interface can display data of a number of remotely installed HT transformers. The wireless monitoring and control data loggers RTUs can also check the power failure, overloading, unbalance load sharing, parallel operation of HT transformers, OLTC operation. At the central control room, the SCADA interface can store the data for report generation, alert setting, automatic switching operation from remote. We can monitor the status of VCB/OCB on our mobile phone. More...
Our model SB-Smart is best suitable for wireless sub station automation. This model uses GSM/GPRS technology for remote wireless gsm sub station automation. We can control and monitor HT transformers installed at remote sub stations. Sub station automation is being done to automatically switch on & off HT transformers in case of over loading, problem in the supply voltage like unbalance phase voltage, oil temperature of HT transformer, oil leakage. Different sensors can be connected with the data logger RTU PLC to measure other parameters. SMS alerts, text alerts, text messages can also be received on the mobile phone where sub station automation system is installed. More...

Industries are the back bone of any economy. And to start and run industries we need uninterrupted power supply. So we need electric sub stations nearby every industry. Large MVA rating sub stations are feeding power to a large area of industries. But sometimes for small industrial towns we need to install local electric sub stations. But now even the electric sub stations are being installed for individual industries in front of the main factory gate. This is the best solution of installing such small electric power sub stations as the faults and shut downs are limited to individual factory. To maintain a continuous check on the performance of such small sub stations, we need sub station automation. We also need a centralized monitoring system to monitor and control such scattred electric sub stations.

Wireless GSM/GPRS sub station automation is also done for automatic smart grid operations. Whenever there is a shortage in supply, an OFF command can be sent to HT transformer which is installed at a sub station where Wireless GSM/GPRS automation has been implemented. More..

An electric sub station has a HT transformer, HT panel, LT panel, battery charger with battery bank. The HT transformer installed at a sub station can be on any capacity, 5 - 10000 KVA or more depending upon the load requirements. Operation of a sub station may be automatic or manual and so would be the switchgears. The HT transformer installed at sub station generally has an OLTC for automatic voltage change of HT transformer. HT panel is fitted with OCB or VCB, over current relays, earth fault relay. So protections are of top most priorities at a sub station. Without protections, a sub station can suffer huge losses. So the maintenance of protection instruments are required at regular intervals at electric sub station.

Sub station automation - Live monitoring of pole mount sub station done by Softbitonline for
TPDDL (Tata Group & Delhi Govt. joint venture) at Narela, Delhi.

Electric sub staion automation is required for keeping a continuous check on the working and performance of the sub station. Sub station automation helps to operate the ht transformer and associated switchgears and equipments in automatic way. Sub station automation can be localized where the data monitoring and data recording is done on a local PC. But sub station automation can also be done for remote monitoring and control. In this case we install wireless GSM/GPRS RTUs at the sub station for automation. Sub station automation is must for unmanned sub stations. Wireless sub station automation help us in monitoring all the electrical parameters from central control room. We can generate daily reports from remote server which is being populated with regualar data from sub station where sub station automation is implemented.

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Saturday ,04 February,2017 (Four, February Two Thousand Seventeen. Indian Standard Time 10:45 Am. Day Time Zone II. RF/GSM/GPRS based data loggers and RTUs for wireless monitoring and control.Data loggers are the core component of RNRG’s complete system approach to wind and solar measurement applications. RF/GSM/GPRS based data loggers and RTUs for wireless monitoring and control.

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