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Wireless Digital Smart Energy Meter
Wireless Remote Energy Monitoring
Live Energy Data of Softbitonline Office At New Delhi, India
(GSM/GPRS based energy meter monitoring and control system)
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GSM/GPRS Wireless Smart Digital Energy Meter - Intelligent Power Management

GSM/GPRS Wireless Smart Energy Monitor

GSM/GPRS Wireless Remote Digital Energy Monitor: Softbitonline presents GSM/GPRS wireless smart digital energy meter for live online web based & remote centralized power monitoring & management. You can install this digital meter at any remote location with dg sets, HT/LT transformers, sub stations, LT/HT electrical panels, solar systems, wind mills and get live data in real time of electrical parameters of all the locations in a central control room on web based SCADA application. Set Hi/Low SMS/Text alerts for voltage, current, power factor. This is a best solution for smart intelligent power management and energy monitoring. This helps in keeping a live track on energy consumption, wastage, if any thus helps in energy conservation & saving. More...

GSM/GPRS wireless digital energy meter works as an smart intelligent remote power monitor and analyser. It measure and record the electricity consumption of any electrical installation. GSM/GPRS wireless digital energy meter can also store electricity consumption data locally on a 4GB pen drive. Data is also stored on central server for daily report generation and analysis. Any old energy meter - analog or digital can be replaced with Softbitonline GSM/GPRS wireless smart intelligent remote digital energy meter/monitor for power measurement and anaylysis.

Wireless GSM/GPRS digital energy meter/monitor can read electrical parameters like - frequency, voltage, current, power factor, KVA, KVAH, KW, KWH. Wireless GSM/GPRS smart power & digital energy monitor/meter is best solution for automatic remote electrical parameter monitoring of any remote electrical installation. Electricity is necessity of life today. So we should conserve it by installing energy conservation devices such as wireless GSM/GPRS smart intelligent digital energy meters/monitors. More...

Future Smart Grids will extensively use wireless communication for monitoring and control of power installation. By using the capabilities of modern smart meters, which communicate over wireless radio, grid power quality monitoring can be improved.

You can monitor electrical parameters online through a web based interface. The web based online monitoring of electrical energy make it possible to keep a live watch on the electrical energy consumption. So we can switch off the unwanted loads to reduce our energy consumption and hence can save electrical energy. This is a smart and intelligent way of web based online energy monitoring. We can also see live online energy trends on this web based interface. We can generate daily reports for analysis and review. The online web based electrical energy monitoring helps us in many ways to monitor, control and save the electrical energy. This web based online solution is the need of hour and industry. An efficient & cost effective energy and power management online & web based solution.

There are situations when we have to monitor energy live in real time and online in a web based interface. This helps us to know the actual working performance of a machine, its performance at different loads. So live real time online energy monitoring is very much essential where efficiency and performance of a remotely installed electrical machine is to be monitored live. The live real time online web based monitoring of energy and power is also important when we want to see the affects of various physical parameters like temperature, humidity etc., on the working performance of a machine. The Wireless Smart & Intelligent Digital Energy Monitor is the answer for live real time online web based monitoring of electrical energy and power management. Our digital meters are best power savers.

Client Base: We are already exporting our products to South Africa, OMAN, Singapore, Dubai, UK, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka.
We are a New Delhi, INDIA based company manufacturing web based solutions for online energy monitoring & control.
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Thursday, 02 November, 2017 (November 02, Two Thousand Seventeen. Indian Standard Time 13:26 PM. Day Time Zone - IV. Govt. is giving subsidy to farmers for installing solar water pumps for agriculture and domestic use. These are beinf installed all our INdia in remote area where there is no electricity. Solar water pumps are being monitored by GPRS enabled RTU and data logger for operation & performance.


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