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Industrial Technical Training Courses/Programs
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Softbitonline is providing industrial technical training to engineering students, unemployed people. Our industrial technical training courses are designed for real practical knowledge. Practical training is given on design, manufacture, trouble shooting, repairs of machines and systems. We have full fledged qualified and experienced engineers/instructors to train you and impart technical knowledge on industrial courses/programs through engineering webinars.

Factory visits (Optional):
After the completion of the industrial technical training courses/programs/webinar, the participanting students are taken to manufacturing units in different parts of Delhi/NCR for better understanding. The participants see the actual manufacturing process of different types of electrical machines. So under this industrial technical training program the participants learn actual practical processes of manufacturing. These visit are optional. Its purely your wish to visit the manufacturing units.

Better Job Opportunity:
After getting training on our industrial technical training programs/courses you have better job opportunities in hands as our technical courses are designed as per the requiremnet of manufacturing industries. So you have better scope and chance to get suitable job.

Once you complete your industrial technical training course/program successfully, you are awarded a certificate.

We Offer Following Industrial Technical Training Courses/Programs:

  1. HT and LT Transformer Design and Manufacturing
  2. LT Electrical Control Panel Design and Manufacturing
  3. AC Electrical Motor Design and Manufacturing
  4. CT Design/Auxiliary Transformmer Design/Control Transformer Design
  5. Embedded Electronic Devices For Industry
  6. Wireless SCADA For Instrumentation & Control In Industries
  7. GSM/GPRS Technology & Devices For Industry.

Engineering Webinar On HT & LT Transformers
LT & HT Transformers are being used extensively every where to stablize the voltage. Day by day demand is increasing so is the need of setting up new manufacturing units. So under industrial technical training course/program, we have added this course. The training on design is given on specially developed software packages which are already being used in industry.
Engineering Webinar On AC Electric Motors
Electric motor is an essential machine to move and run any industry. We can not think of a small or big industry without an electric motor. So to produce, manufacture, repair, rewind the electric motors we need expert hands. So this filed has lots of opportunities for you. So do not wait and join the industrial technical training course/program for a better future.
Engineering Webinar On Electrical Panel Boards
Electrical panels are used for the distribution of electricity in different parts of a factory. As a factory has different sections like admin block, storage section, manufacturing section, testing section, despatch section, marketing section and so. So electrical panels are required. Under industrial technical training course/program we teach you from design to manufacturing of different types of LT panel boards.
Engineering Webinar On CT Design
CT or current transformers are used for measurement of load current in an electrical system. Same way for protecting an electrical system or a machine protection CTs are used. So CTs are used for metering as well as for protection of electrical machines in association with other indicating and tripping devices. We provide you design & manufacturing process of CTs under industrial technical training courses/programs.
Engineering Webinar On Wireless SCADA
Wireless SCADA Data Transmission - SMS/GSM/GPRS technology  
Instrumentation & control engineering is related with the capturing, monitoring, storage, analysis of data of various electrical machines in a big industry. Wireless SCADA is the latest technology for better and effcetively management of data and running maintenance of industrial machines. We give you practical traing on wireless SCADA under industrial technical training courses/programs.

Course Duration:
Duration of each industrial technical training course/program is for three months.

Course Fee:
Please ask for fee and joining details at - sales@softbitonline.com . Give details about the course interested in, name, age, qualification, residential location etc.,.

Wednesday, 16 March, 2016 (Sixteen March, Wed, Two Thousand Fifteen. Indian Standard Time 12:49 pm. Second half in continuation. GSM/GPRS/RF Data Loggers & RTUs for remote monitoring & control. Solar panel data and inverter data can be fetched through RS485, MODBUS protocol and sent to central server through GPRS communication. This data can be monitored in a web browser. This is online condition monitoring.. Install GSM/GPRS/RF Data Loggers & RTUs for remote monitoring & control.

Learn Industrial Technical Training Course/Program for better job opportunities. We have designed our technical courses purely on industrial applications. This helps the participants to learn more practical and industry required knowledge. Participants are given industrial technical training through specially developed software packages. Practical training is given in our labs to work on the actual machines. Finally they are taken to manufacturing industries to give live practical industrial training.


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Saturday, 26 March, 2016 (Twenty Six March, Sat, Two Thousand Fifteen. Indian Standard Time 12:06 pm. Second half is going on . GSM/GPRS/RF Data Loggers & RTUs for remote monitoring & control. SMS based mobile motor starter is very much useful in agriculture fields where a farmer can switch on/off the water pump motor by sending an SMS from a registered mobile phone.  Install GSM/GPRS/RF Data Loggers & RTUs for remote monitoring & control.
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