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Wireless Data Communication Through RS232 Port | RS485 | MODBUS

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GSM/GPRS Based RS232 Communication
GSM/GPRS RS485 Modbus RTU Data Communication
RS232/RS485/MODBUS RTU/Data Logger
GSM/GPRS Modems For AMR Solutions

Our RTU/Data Logger, model SC- ComPort can now fetch data from any field instrument, energy meter, water flow meter, solar PCU or any other device having data communication through RS232/serial port or RS485 with Modbus protocol.

This is Wireless GSM/GPRS enebled RTU/data logger to fetch data from any instrument having standard RS485/MODBUS protocol or RS232/serial port communication. You can switch over to either RS232 communication or RS485 MODBUS RTU communication through a toggle switch (optional feature).

Wireless GSM/GPRS RS232 RTU/Serial Port Communication:
If using as a RS232/serial port RTU for fetching data from a filed instrument or meter for AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) application, connect the instrument/energy meter/water flow meter through RS232 cable to the SC-ComPort. Data can be sent to any TCP IP/Port. Only one field instrument can be connected through RS232 communication mode. The units are GSM/GPRS enabled for tranmitting data to remote central servers.

Wireless GSM/ GPRS MODBUS RTU/RS485 Communication:
If using as a RS485 MODBUS RTU for fetching data then you can connect more than one field instruments/energy meters/water flow meters through a bus (two parallel wires of maximum length 500 meters. Ends of the two wire must be shorted through a resistance). The units are GSM/GPRS enabled for remote data monitoring via central server.

GSM/GPRS Based Wireless AMR Solutions:
We provide AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) solutions to get data from remote filed instruments such as energy meter, water meter, gas meter, solar panels or ant other instrument with RS485 or RS232 port. Through this AMR solutions you can get the data on a central server for live monitoring and anaylysis. GPRS/GSM MODBUS RTUs.

System integrators generally use PLCs for automation of various machines, systems and projects. Many a times data has to be communicated from a remote location to a central control room. So the PLC is programmed to send data on a RS232 port or RS485 port i.e., MODBUS communication. So now you can connect a GSM/GPRS enabled RS232 RTU at the PLC port to fetch data from the PLC to the remote server. In this case data from one PLC can be fetched through RS232 mode of communication.

But if you have multiple PLCs and instruments and their data is to be sent to a central control room then we can use RS485 MODBUS RTU. We can connect all the PLCs and instruments on the common BUS of RS485 MODBUS RTU. This data is then sent to central server one by one. Each PLC is assigned a unique ID so that when the RS485 MODBUS RTU is fetching data from each PLC it is not mixed and is separated based upon the ID of the PLC.

The GSM/GPRS enabled RS232 RTUs and RS485 MODBUS RTUs are being used & installed in many industrial machines at the manufacturing stage so when the machine is sold and installed at client site, its operational data can be obtained by the manufacturer at its central control room for live monitoring, study and analysis. This helps in protecting the machine against abnormal failures, fast maintenance, time & fault management.

We manufacture OEM modules of GSM/GPRS enabled RS232 RTUs and RS485 MODBUS RTUs for such applications. Our these modules are being installed in air compressures, industrial water filters, solar inverters, UPS, servo transformers, lath machines, production lines, boilers, furnaces, hydraulic presses, cooling towers, air conditioning plants, elevators, food processors, electric motors, generators etc.,.

Field instruments like energy meters, flow meters, pressure transducers can also be connected to GSM/GPRS enabled RS232 RTU and RS485 MODBUS RTU for fetching the data from field to a central server. For AMR solutions and applications our GSM/GPRS enabled RS232 RTU and RS485 MODBUS RTU can be used.

Working of GSM/GPRS RS232 RTU & RS485 MODBUS RTU:
These RTUs have a built in modem for wireless data transmission. Data at the field instrument is available at RS232 port or RS485 port. The RTU picks this data from this port and sends it to a microcontroller for processing. This processed data is then sent to GSM/GPRS modem for transmission to a remote centarl server. Data enters the remote server PC at a assigned port and stored for further processing.

GSM/GPRS Based Wireless Remote Monitoring System:
We can supply you the required SCADA software also. In case you wish to integrate the RTU with your software then option is there to divert data to your server.

Applications GSM/GPRS Based RS232 RTU Module:
If you are a manufacturer of any electrical machine like boiler, furnace, production line equipments, meters, counters, attendance systems, air conditioners, solar panels, cash registers, hydraullic presses, lath machines, CNC machine, food processing machines, pharma machinery or any other machine and you wish to monitor the working of machines from your office and central contro room for safe working of the machine then you can integrate our GSM/GPRs based RS232 RTU module with your machine. This is an OEM module fitted with a GSM/GPRS module and you have to insert a SIM card for data communication. Through this mode of data communication only one machine can be connected through GSM/GPRS based RS232 RTU.

Applications GSM/GPRS Based RS485 MODBUS RTU Module:
If you have so many machines and instruments installed at a place and you wish to transmit the data of all these machines and instruments to a remote central control room then you can integrate our GSM/GPRS based RS485 MODBUS RTU module. This is an OEM module fitted with a GSM/GPRS module and you have to insert a SIM card for data communication. You can connect more than one machines with one GSM/GPRS based RS485 MODBUS RTU. You also need a monitoring software, SCADA to see live data.

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Monday, 21 August, 2017 (August 21, Two Thousand Seventeen. Indian Standard Time 15:31 PM. Day Time Zone -III. Remote terminal units are insatlled with electrical machines like transformers, motore, generators, ac plants, boilers for data acquivision and transmitting that data to a remote central server using RF/GSM/GPRS technology. This data is then decoded and maid available for monitoring and report generation. RTU with data storage facility is also available if data is lost during transmission. 21082017

What is RS232 serial communication? Describe GSM/GPRS based RS485 MODBUS RTU communication system. MODBUS protocol system for data communication. Fetch data from an energy meter or flow meter through RS232/RS485 MODBUS Protocol. Data is fetched from the field instrument and sent to central server. GSM MODBUS RTU. GPRS MODBUS RTU. GPRS/ GSM based RS232 communication is required where data from serial communication enabled field instruments or PLCs is to be picked for remote transmission. GSM/GPRS MODBUS Data Loggers are used data is to be fetched from field instruments. With GSM/GPRS MODBUS Data Loggers we can fetch data from multiple fields instruments. GSM/GPRS MODBUS Data Loggers/RTU enables us to transmit data to remote server using GPRS communication. GSM/GPRS MODBUS Data Logger/RTU can be configured to read register where data is stored in the instrunments. GSM/GPRS MODBUS Data Logger/RTU can be installed where temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, water quality parameters are to be picked from the field.

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