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GSM/GPRS Based AMR - Automatic Meter Reading Sulutions


Gone are the days when a filed boy will go to door to door to collect & record data of domestic, commercial and industrial water meters. This data was then submitted to the billing agency which will premare the monthly bills by taking into consideration the monthly consumption of water. This all was being done manually. But now with fast changing technology we can install GSM/GPRS/WiFi enabled AMR (Automatic Meter Reading Solutions) devices with each water meter. This GPRS AMR has a SIM card and send the live data to the billing agency 24X7 i.e., live data or water consumption is being sent to the billing agensy. Here automatic monthly bills are generated using this data and are sent to the consumers through email or SMS. This helps in reducing the man power required to gather data, delay in getting the data and hence timely bill generation. This alos helps in finding if the water meter at the consumer end is working fine or not. In case there is any problem with the water meter same can be be reported to the consumer immediately so as to take a corrective measure. GPRS enabled AMR (Automatic Water Meter System) also in comaring the water consumption of consecutive months so as to alert the consumer for misuse of water.

Now a days most of the commercial and industrial meters are being installed with GPRS/GSM/WiFi enabled automatioc meter reading systems (AMR Solutions) to get instant data from the consumer site. This helps in preparing monthly bills and checking any misuse of electricity.

Smart meter reading RTUs are very much in use to fetch data from any field instrument, electric meters, water meters, gas meters, weighing machines, POS systems. The real time data is sent to a central server through GSM/GPRS communication to prepare bills. Any malfunctioning of meters can be easily detected and rectified immediately by installing smart meter reading RTUs.


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