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We design and manufacture SMS GSM based mobile motor starter controllers for remote switching of agriculture water pumps, electric motors. With a SMS GSM based motor starter controller you get electrical energy parameters, SMS alerts, motor status on your mobile. Switch ON/OFF your motor from mobile phone. Install GSM/SMS Based Mobile Motor Starter Controller with your farm house & agriculture water pump motor.

SMS GSM Mobile Motor Starter Controller DOL & Star Delta - GSM/SMS Based Motor Starter
We design & manufacture GSM SMS based mobile motor starters. These SMS GSM based mobile motor starters are useful for remote operation of water pumps, farm & street lights, electric motors. In agriculure field a farmer can start and stop a water pump by sending an SMS from his registered mobile phone. The farmer can check the status (on/off) of motor, energy consumption, operation time, power status on his mobile phone. A GSM/SMS motor starter has so many applications in industrial automation. A SMS/GSM motor starter can help in energy saving by timely switching off the motor. You can use your existing starter with GSM/SMS motor starter controller also. More...
We have two modules of SMS/GPRS Motor Starters. With SMS/GSM Motor Starter controller you can connect your existing DOL/Star Delta motor starter directly to control your pump motor remotely through GSM/SMS. And our SMS/GSM motor starter is a DOL/Star Delta motor starter with SMS/GSM facility. You need not to install an extra starter. The SMS/GSM mobile motor starter is fitted within a ASB plastic cabinet. This cabinet is an IP65 and water proof. You can set SMS alerts for high/low voltage, current, power factor, power status with SMS/GSM mobile motor starter. More...

GSM/SMS motor starters are being used mostly is agriculture sectors and remote locations where power supply is not regular and farmers have to feed water to their fields. So GSM/SMS motor starters are being used to switch on the pump motor as soon as power comes. GSM/SMS motor starters helps in knowing the actual status of pump motor. GSM/SMS motor starters can also be operated through SMS. By installing GSM/SMS based motor starters we can get the value of all the electrical parameters on our mobile phone.

GSM/SMS based motor starters are also known as mobile based motor starters and find applications where water pumps are installed far away from the residential colonies. So the opeartor can switch ON the pump motor by sending an SMS from a registered mobile phone. Same way the pump motor can be switched OFF by sending another SMS from the registered mobile phone. So a GSM/SMS based motor starter is also well known as mobile based motor starter. Each time we send an SMS from our mobile phone to GSM/SMS motor starter controller we get a reply status whether the pump motor is ON or OFF. GSM or SMS or Mobile based motor starter controllers are widely being used now a days.

GSM/SMS based mobile motor starters are in use in farm houses, residencial colonies, agriculture lands, remotely installed water pumps for automatic opeartion of pump motors. This helps in checking the status of power, status of pump motor, conditions of motor. So with the help of GSM/SMS based mobile motor starter we can remotely control i.e., switch ON and OFF pump motor with the help of a mobile phone. GSM/SMS mobile motor controller is a plug & play device. This GSM/SMS based mobile motor starter controller can be used with pump motors from 0.5HP to 500HP and both for single phase and three phase systems. The controller also works as single phasing preventor, high voltage protector. The GSM/GPRS motor starter controller can be used with DOL and Star-Delta starters.

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Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) devices require a control system to control and monitor their operation. A sensor is usually placed with these devices to gather data values on actual state of the parameter being monitored such as temperature or humidity. This actual state data is then compared to the user defined values and accordingly the HVAC system is turned on/off. Need for automation of HVAC systems arise due to the complex airflow systems in the large buildings. Earlier, these airflow systems required manual adjustment for valves, dampers and other equipment. Engineers then developed control systems based on ladder logics which were later on replaced by microprocessors. Digital controllers or PLCs came into picture. These can now be automated using SCADA application and wireless RTUs. Softbitonline manufactures wireless GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs or data loggers that can gather digital or analog values from the sensing devices placed with HVAC. The operator can remote monitor the HVAC system performance and control its operation from a central control room. The built in modems in our GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs communicate with the backend servers through TCP/IP. The web-based SCADA application can be used by the central control room personnel to view and analyse the data received from the HVAC system’s sensing equipment. This GSM/GPRS/RF based remote monitoring system allows user to keep track of the performance of field devices. The user can set SMS alerts on 5 pre-registered mobile numbers to receive data from the HVAC system. GSM/GPRS/RF based RTUs or data loggers saves time and resources as the operation supervisors can identify the problems in the system from the control room and accordingly send technicians to the site. Saturday, 15 September 2018 (September 15, Two Thousand Eighteen) Indian Standard Time 04:30 PM.

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